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For the past week, the Biden administration has been trying to blame inflation and high gas prices for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The American people are not fools. They know that prices have been rising for months.

Even David Acelard, a former Obama adviser, says the strategy won’t work.

Breitbart News reports:

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod has condemned Biden’s talk of “Putin’s price rise”: “You can’t blame Putin for everything in the economy.”

David Axelrod, a former political adviser to Barack Obama, has resisted President Joe Biden’s persistent claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for somehow increasing inflation and skyrocketing gas prices – which began before the unpleasant invasion of Ukraine.

“Why not just be blunt with people … now they’ve made extra corrections, and for a few days now [President Joe Biden] “You know, everything was Putin’s fault, inflation was Putin’s fault,” he said during a recent episode of the Accelerated Hacks on Tap podcast that he helped get started.

“People don’t believe it either. They know we’ve had inflation before, “Axelrod continued. “It simply came to our notice then. They still haven’t dialed it properly. You can’t blame Putin for everything in the economy. “

Last month, as inflation continued to rise and gas prices rose sharply, Biden tried to blame everything on Putin instead of blaming Democrats with one hand.

Listen to the audio below:

David Axelrod has condemned Biden # Putin Price Hike Talking: People don’t believe it. They know we had inflation before. They know gas prices were high before. Putin cannot be blamed for everything in the economy. pic.twitter.com/jehTVM75v8

– Mike Berg (MikeKeberg) March 17, 2022

If Biden and the Democrats can’t convince members of Obama’s party of this nonsense, then the average American must not believe it.

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