Pennsylvania Supreme Court blocks Senate audit of Dominion voting machine

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has stopped the audit of the Dominion voting machine in Fulton County. The court barred the state senate from auditing state voting machines even though the legislature oversees the state election process.

You just can’t make this up. This Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is so corrupt. By morning call:

The Dominion voting system won an appeal Monday in Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court to have any of its voting machines inspected by a laboratory with specific credentials as part of an investigation by Republican lawmakers into Pennsylvania’s 2020 election.

The Democratic-majority state Supreme Court has ruled 5-2 in the party line to overturn a January decision by a Republican judge in the lower Commonwealth court.

That judge ruled that Dominion could not intervene in a wide range of cases involving inspections of its equipment used by heavy Republican Fulton County in the 2020 election.

This comes as Republican lawmakers fight in court to use the contractor of their choice to download “digital data” from Dominion’s electoral computers and hardware used by Fulton County in the 2020 election.

There are many things that this article does not tell you. As of last year, there were no contractors recognized by the EAC period. The two firms that have given predictable opinions for EAC over the years have not been recognized because their accreditation has been revoked and has never been renewed. We pointed this out in Arizona when Maricopa County claimed that they only want EAC-approved agencies to audit them. We identified at the time that no organization was recognized. On the day of our reporting the EAC suspiciously announced that they had renewed the credentials of the two firms.

We caught them: Arizona Mericopa County Board of Supervisors lied – EAC updated website after Gateway Pundit report was unreliable to their auditors

We also know the words of former Dominion employees at EAC. So that organization lacks any objectivity and independence.

How can a government agency certifying election (EAC) maintain its independence when its CIO previously worked for the Dominion voting system for 10 years?

We also know that during the Maricopa audit, Dominion was on site.

The PA Supreme Court has again failed and has shown its terrible bias and lack of judgment. The Senate should be able to keep someone who owns the electoral process in that state and wants to audit the voting machines used in their state. Fulton County should also be able to do that so that they feel comfortable with the election results in their jurisdiction.

The fact that none of the Dominion voting machines used in the 2020 election has been independently and purposefully audited is objectionable. The fact that Dominion has fought so hard to do this is frightening.

(This was the only audit of the outstanding Dominion voting machine since the 2020 election. No other audit has been done.)

Post offensive: Pennsylvania Supreme Court blocks Senate audit of Dominion voting machine in the state – free and fair elections in PA are over

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