Peace has begun in the Middle East “when anyone sees the Gulf countries

In an interview with Mark Levine on Fox News, former Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out against Iran. The show will air tonight.

Former Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken out against Iran.

In an interview aired Sunday on Life, Liberty and Levine, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned against possible empowerment of Tehran’s pro-terrorist government by approving a new nuclear deal.

Netanyahu told host Mark Levine that the current government, led by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Ibrahim Raisi, is equipped with nuclear weapons, which they can threaten at will and provide enhanced defense capabilities that could provide nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu said the following:

The secret meetings took place at a time when the Gulf states were seeing anyone willing to take a stand against Iran. So we have formed this absolute alliance with Iran based on our general security concerns.

The Biden government is trying to reach an agreement with Iran that gives them what they want. The concern then is that the country will use the lack of money and sanctions to build a nuclear weapon that Netanyahu believes will be used against Israel and the United States. This is not peace. This is not in the best interests of the United States.

Biden’s Iran deal is madness.

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