Pauline says she will be “honored” to replace the late Alaska MP Don Young in Congress

Former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin on Monday accused her of being open to replacing the late Don Young (R), the state’s longest-serving representative in Congress.

Pauline said she would be “honored” to take Young’s place after her recent untimely death at the age of 88.

“If I am asked to work in the house and take his place, I will be humble and respectful. I, in a heartbeat, I will, ”he told Eric Bowling of Newsmax TV.

“We’ll see how this process goes about filling this seat – it will be an honor,” he added.

“This will be an honor.”Sarahplin USA The House of Representatives responded to calls for him to be replaced by the late Don Young.

– Newsmax (wsnewsmax) March 21, 2022

The once-popular Alaska Republican governor also voiced some of his concerns about the Biden administration, particularly focusing on oil and gas prices, which skyrocketed during Joe Biden’s tenure after several reversals of former President Donald Trump’s US-centric power policy.

“Some people, certainly not in the White House, are aware of what petroleum products really are, what transportation costs actually affect in the case of the supply chain,” he said.

“Because of their lack of education or the intentional destruction of many sectors of the economy – they certainly want to blame someone else,” he added.

“Some people, certainly not in the White House, are aware of what petroleum products really are.”Sarahplin USA Biden’s “policies to stop our own development of our unused God-given resources in America” ​​exploded.


– Newsmax (wsnewsmax) March 21, 2022

In August, a report noted that Pauline Sen was considering a preliminary race against Lisa Murkowski, a number of Republicans who voted with Democrats to impeach Trump during his second impeachment trial.

“If God wants me to do that,” he told the Christian crowd on July 22 in Pasadena, California.

“If I declare, what I’m going to do is you know, you’re better for me this time because there weren’t a lot of people there for me last time and that’s why, characteristically, I’ve become a clover,” he said.

He said he and the late Sen. John McCain, after losing to former President Obama in 2008, had been the target of a series of ethical inquiries that led to his resignation as governor.

“The Obama administration has sent them flying monkeys,” the former governor said. “It has stalled our administration. Every e-mail, every conversation has been verified.

Palin has not made any announcements since the primary Murkowski, which may already be due to Trump’s approval of Kelly Shibaka, a GOP primary opponent.

“Lisa Murkowski is bad for Alaska. His vote to confirm Biden’s interior secretary was a long-sought, and approved, assassination vote for ANWR and Alaska jobs. Murkowski has to go! Kelly Shibaka is a candidate who can defeat Murkowski – and he will, “Trump said while backing him.

“Kelly is a fighter who stands up for Alaska values ​​and America First. She has always been a strong supporter of MAGA, pro-power, strong on the border, tough against crime and our military and our great veterans. Kelly is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and the job! Looking forward to campaigning in Alaska for that. I have his full and complete approval! ” He added an email to supporters.

Pauline also made headlines last month when her defamation suit against the New York Times was dismissed by a federal judge.

The lawsuit was filed in 2017 by a Times editorial alleging defamation that linked a political action committee ad to a January 2011 shooting in which then-Arizona Democratic Republican Gabby Giffords was seriously injured and six others were killed.

Post Pauline says she will be ‘honored’ to replace the late Alaska MP Don Young in Congress

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