Patriot Blaze TV writer and a podcast host banned for so-called ‘hate speech’: report

Patrion has just provided “lib service” for free speech. Patrion is reported to have banned two political commentators from his platform.

Online payment company BlazeTV has suspended “You Are Hair” host Sidney Watson and misleading podcast host Josh Lekach, according to Reclaim the Net. Patreon is a platform that allows artists and other creators to pay directly for the content they create. Patrion, however, has made it clear that some commentators should not be allowed to make money.

The agency has banned Watson from promoting “negative stereotypes or isolated content”. To say Rebel News Host Andrew Chapados. “I asked Patrion why they decided to ban me. They did not answer, ” Tweet The unverified Twitter account could be Watson. “They note here that they consider what you do outside of their platform. It’s batsh * t. This platform can hold your money hostage if they do not agree with what you do elsewhere. Madness. ”

Patriots dropped Watson for alleged hate speech, The Net Reclaim reports.

An unverified account can be leaked Tweet The Patriots banned Alex Jones without warning just hours after he appeared on the controversial infowar. “I never got it [sic] No warning from them. 725 sponsors and 4K a month gone, ”Lekach said. Like Watson, Patrion censored Lekach for his alleged hate speech.

This is not the first time that Patriots has censored free speech, or the first time technology authors have targeted BlazeTV. Patriots activists have changed their rules in 2018, justifying the ban on Akkad’s pro-free-speech YouTuber surgeon, also known as Carl Benjamin. Prominent Canadian thought leader and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson and BlazeTV host Dave Rubin have left the Patriots in protest of the company’s free speech and created their own alternatives. Rubin created the payment platform and Peterson created the social networking service Thinkspot.

Twitter also snatched Lekach’s account verification badge after a provocative conservative interview with Florida Congress primary candidate Laura Lumar. The episode in question specifically targets Big Tech and its affiliates.

Conservatives are being attacked. Communication Patreon is here And it demands a reflection of the First Amendment while providing transparency and equal measures for conservatives. If you are censored, contact us using CensorTrack Contact formAnd help us hold Big Tech accountable.

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