#OscarSoWoke: Hosts attack ‘intolerant white women’ and ‘toxic masculinity’

Within minutes of the 94th Annual Academy Awards on ABC, the show woke up annoyingly.

Three unusual Oscar hosts – Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall – launched the show with a “joke” about the long-denied “equal pay gap”, then attacked white women using Black Lives Matter (BLM) talking points.

Sumer: This year the academy has hired three women to host because it is cheaper than hiring one man. [Applause] It’s fun, isn’t it?

Hall: You’re right. You are right. That’s right. But I’m still excited to be able to host, representing black women who are proud.

Sykes: And I … and live loudly.

Count: Yes. And I’m representing the unbearable white women who call the police if you go a little too loud.

Just five minutes before the show, the hosts were already kicking out someone who was stupid enough to give it a chance. After attacking white women, the three followed “poisonous masculinity” and Republican Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kai.).

Hall: You know, this year we saw a terrifying demonstration of how toxic masculinity has turned into cruelty to women and children.

Sykes: Curse that Mitch McConnell.

Hall: I know. I know. But you know, I was actually talking about “dog power”.

Sykes: Yes. [ Applause ] I watched that movie three times and I got over half of it.

Hall: Yes.

Count: You are in the best part, in the best part.

Hall: Another week and you’re there.

Sykes: Stay with.

Count: Stay with.

Well, at least they didn’t go down without explaining themselves first The power of the dogWhat Sam Elliott rightly called “a piece of shit”.

The Florida Anti-Grooming Act, “The Parental Rights in Education Act,” which protects children in kindergarten through third grade, cannot end the whole horror drama without being stabbed. Hollywood is a big fan of child grooming, so naturally they hate new laws.

Sykes: We’re going to have a great night tonight. For those of you in Florida, we’re going to have a gay night out.

Sykes, Count and Hall: Gay, gay, gay. [ Applause ]

Of course, Florida parents are only afraid of the word “homosexual”, adults do not sexually persuade their former children without their consent. Women that you keep telling yourself.

That was before we got through the first ten minutes of the show. Any visitors who would hang out with these unbearable hosts for another four hours must be masochists.

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