Oscar slapped last night

The 2022 Academy Awards really wanted to raise their ratings this year. The usual dose of waking up to a star-studded event was shortened by a few brief thanksgiving speeches and hostesses. But there were moments in the night that were worth discussing.

Ukraine in the brain

Of course there will be references to the conflict in Ukraine. From the title screen, pins and ribbons, to the moment of silence during the program. But host Amy Schumer really wanted to know how much she cared about Ukrainian boys. At the end of the night, Amy Schumer felt that it was time to announce that a genocide was taking place in Ukraine and that women and trans people were losing their rights. It was a forced virtual signal as the countdown slipped.

“And there’s a genocide going on in Ukraine,” Schumer said, beginning with a hint of his quality. “And women are losing all their rights. And now please welcome last year’s winner. And trans man.”

Looks like we could add attention to the list of things Amy likes to steal from.

Wanda woke up

The lion’s share of the evening’s awakening came from Wanda Sykes. He was given all the political jabs, but they all seemed to come from the left. Earlier in the evening, Sykes Sen took a swing at Mitch McConnell (R-Kai.), But then he informed the Florida people that they were going to have a gay night. Take it? Because you are not allowed to call yourself gay (although the Florida Bill mentions that you can never say gay and the name is clickbite in the wrong place).

Towards the end of the night, Sykes joins Regina Hall to give a consolation prize. Sykes delivers a piece of ballot to an Oscar attendant after asking if they like democracy. Sykes should be tested for Covid because his lack of taste was evident in his humor.

‘GI Gen 2’

It wasn’t an awake moment, but it certainly started sending shockwaves across social media. Comedian Chris Rock made a joke about Pinkett-Smith’s shaved head, claiming he couldn’t wait to see “GI Jane 2” and husband Will Smith got up on stage and slapped Rock across the face.

Afterwards, Smith won his first Oscar for Best Actor in “King Richard” and apologized to the academy for his behavior, not Chris Rock. Smith then referred to him as “acting like a crazy father.” It was a strange situation but it was the most entertaining aspect of this year’s Oscars.

If it happens every year, I’m sure more people will tune in to the awards show.

Overall, the Oscars did not wake up as much as last year. Concerns over rating downgrade seem to have fueled a smoother show with little chance of a really good signal. Hopefully the show will continue to maintain a minimal awakening.

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