Orwell has become its grave: censorship logs 3,500 censorship cases

The MRC Free Speech America’s CensorTrack database has reached a milestone as it continues to monitor the war that big tech companies have waged on free speech online.

Censorship has now surpassed the total of 3,500 censorship cases registered by the MRC Free Speech America team. People and accounts across the Internet were suppressed for a variety of reasons, including COVID-19 commentary, criticism of President Joe Biden, election-related content, and more. One reality is clear, censorship algorithms will target anyone who disagrees with established descriptions regardless of their position. Big tech technocrats have noticed: former President Donald Trump, members of Congress, media personalities like conservative radio hosts Mark Levine and Dan Bongino, popular podcasters like Joe Rogan and Tim Poole, journalists like Just So News founder John Solomon, and mRNA Vakras Dr. Robert Malone.

A recent MRC Free Speech America study found that a total of 808 cases of Big Tech companies, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, TickTock and Google Advertising, found that they silenced anyone who disagreed with the COVID-19 epidemic.

The worst case scenario of recorded COVID-19 censorship came from Facebook. The platform has deleted the account page of the Great Barrington Declaration. According to a recent study by Johns Hopkins University, leading international pathologists have made this announcement to oppose the drastic COVID-19 lockdown imposed on citizens by many national governments, including the implementation of measures that show “little effect” on COVID-19 mortality.

Hopkins’s survey highlighted how unreasonable it was to delete the Great Barrington Declaration page in favor of Facebook’s independence. Removed about a year ago, the announcement later proved to be correct. The declaration discusses their pro-independence stance against lockdown and garnered more than 928,000 signatures in support of its argument: “Current lockdown policies are having a devastating effect on public health in the short and long term.” The signatories included more than 15,000 medical and public health scientists and more than 46,000 medical practitioners.

An action this week marks the culmination of Big Tech’s biased war against freedom of speech.

Facebook also censored Heritage Action, the advocacy arm of the Conservative Heritage Foundation, on March 15, 2022, just for a video citing Biden’s embarrassing statement on energy policy.

Facebook has placed an interstitial or filter on top of the Heritage Action video, suppressing the reach of the post. The video explains to Biden and his administration how his policies could raise gas prices.

Interstitial labeled the video as “missing topic” and has a fact-finding link in hopes of disrespecting it. The Heritage Action video also dared to include an interview in which Energy Secretary Jennifer Granhome smiled when asked about Biden’s oil drilling policy. The video then shows Biden a series of clips announcing that he would stop domestic drilling on federal land and offshore facilities.

Conservatives are being attacked. Contact your representatives and claim that Big Tech will be taken into account to mirror the First Amendment when providing transparency. If you have been censored, please contact us at the Media Research Center Contact formAnd help us hold Big Tech accountable.

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