Oregon’s top children’s hospital teaches young boys to ‘bald’ their genitals,

Dornbacher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, is on fire after distributing materials instructing children to “tack” their genitals and “keep your testicles inside your body.”

Talking is not just for men, Dwarnbacher Children’s Hospital assures in its instructional guide.

“Talking is about getting the penis, testicles, or both out of the way. It makes the genitals look smooth and flattering,” the document notes. People of all genders can survive. ”

The guide includes a waiver, warning readers to use terminology that may be offensive.

“This information uses the words ‘sex,’ ‘testicles,’ and ‘testicles’. We know you may not use those terms or introduce them. We use them here to refer to the parts of the body that need to be pulled, but these words are not for everyone, “the children’s hospital notes.

The document presents three methods for babies who are interested in tapping: taping or tightening their genitals, wearing spandex-loaded underwear or “keeping your testicles inside your body”.

Sticking with tape is “more secure,” says the instruction manual. “It simply came to our notice then. But your skin is more at risk of burns. Bathrooms are more difficult to use because you need to remove the tape and then reapply it. We recommend trying methods without tape first, as they are the most gentle and convenient. “

Kids interested in hiding their testicles “inside your body” must “tap on their testicles” and “use two or three fingers, and try to move them into the inguinal canal,” the guide says.

The document, which includes a graphic diagram, encourages them to continue talking even if it makes them “nauseous” or “excited.”

“It may seem strange at first, perhaps even uncomfortable. You should not feel unconscious or nauseous or in extreme pain. If you do, take a break and try again later,” the document said. Then, pull the penis back between your legs. If you find yourself getting aroused, take a break and try again later. One erection will make it impossible to stop. “

Gender Clinic Safe Talking Handout at Alicia Power’s Scribd

Children’s hospitals even encourage children to buy clothes at sex shops that sell “sex-assisted clothing items as well as sex toys, videos
And more. “

Although Oregon sex shop SheBob “for people 18 years of age or older,” the guide says, “they offer appointments a few hours before or after for younger shoppers.”

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