Orange Harris provided another word salad when asked about the gas price increase

Orange Harris appeared on the Willie Moore show over the weekend to discuss rising gas prices and Biden admin’s infrastructure package.

Harris was asked about the gas price increase and he delivered a word salad.

“How can we get a solution [gas prices]? “Host Kamala asked Harris.

Gas prices hit record highs over Joe Biden’s war on American energy

“Well, we were in the first place, um, you know, realizing that this is a real problem. Prices and we’re working on it – gas costs are part of the cost of living, aren’t they? Harris said. “It’s very expensive for a lot of people.”

How deep.


Orange Harris was also told about the enthusiasm of the struggling Americans.

“First of all, thank you for being a fighter, for knowing that we have reason to believe in what is possible, but we have to work to make it achievable, and that includes what people did to vote in 2020 – I That’s the way it is – people order it and say I want it. “

The post Orange Harris offers another word salad at The Gateway Pondy when asked about the rising price of gas (AUDIO)

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