One Ton of Blood Money: Bezos’ Ex-Wife Plans Record 275 Million

McKenzie Scott will go down in history as the woman who divorced Jeff Bezos when she took a hefty share of Amazon shares in the process, as well as the person behind the single largest grant for planned parents in the history of abortion mills.

Scott, valued at approximately $ 52 billion (he acquired 4% of Amazon stock in his high-profile divorce from the founder and owner of the Washington Post), has given more than a quarter of the dollars to parents planning a world-destroying grant.

Seriously? He gave so much money to fund the child murder? Sadly, yes.

Reuters reports that Scott has donated $ 275 million to the planned parents. The abortion giant confirmed the March 23 cash shortage. So if the average 1st trimester abortion costs about $ 750, Scott’s grant alone could cover about 400,000 abortions.

Wow, and this Reuters woman is “kind?” The lady is just a genocide bankroll as far as we’re concerned.

The outlet noted that this was part of Bezor’s ex-wife’s altruistic quest to get rid of most of his assets. Since 2019, Scott has already donated more than .4 12.4 billion in grants to various organizations, Bloomberg Business reports. Some of these organizations are good, such as the American Boys and Girls Club – others, such as various climate change activist groups and planned parents, are not.

If he really wanted to give back then maybe he could have chosen something other than the destruction of unborn children. Wasn’t helping more hungry children in Africa a more compelling option here?

Of course the planned parents were overwhelmed at the Titanic donation. They confirmed that it was the largest single person donation since its inception in 1916. Scott is the woman who has given the most benefits to child-killing

Even more ironic is that in Scott’s blog post about his donation, he waxed out about how the donation was part of his goal to “support the needs of the under-represented people of all groups.”

Oh, isn’t it rich? What about the unprepared unborn? He finished his part by asking other people to donate to the same group.

“If you are looking for ways to serve the common purpose of humanity, each of them is a great candidate. Helping one of us can help us all, “he wrote.

Um, the lady, is donating about $ 300 million to a place that kills innocent people and doesn’t “help” anyone. We would rather you take your billion and live like a decaying queen. At least the kids won’t die from it.

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