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Tuesday Jul 05, 2022

NYT note ‘pain and disgust’ towards GOP after hearing in KBJ; ‘Appeal to racism’

The Supreme Court has heard the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, but journalists New York Times Still concerned about his alleged racist behavior at the hands of Republicans. They found some more voices who were outraged at “how Black Women Ketanji looked at Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing.”

Reporters Patricia Mazei, Tariro Mezeva and Jill Cowan collaborated on the Liberal Grip session in the guise of a news report.

Judge Jackson’s behavior at the hearing reminded Fentris Driskel, a Democrat and a Florida state representative, of how white male students obstructed him and rarely gave him the benefit of the doubt when he was elected president of Harvard’s first black student government. College.

Andra Gillespie, a professor at Emery University who studies race and politics, received a phone call from her mother, who said the political scene had upset her so much that she was looking for comfort in church.

For black women in America, there is a sense of pride and hope in Judge Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are in pain and disgust as he is questioned this week. Criticism about race theory and gender identity, and claims that he was humble towards those accused of capturing images of child sexual abuse.

Many questions from some corners of the Republican Party gave rise to conspiracy theories and have been seen to appeal to the party’s far-right.. And judicial confirmation hearings have often turned into political theaters that have little to do with the law.

In the same way Bar Has Brett Kavanagh treated the hearing?

That judge, Jackson, 51, felt compelled to show kindness to lose her temper or risk further assault, deeply unfair to some women.

“Some of these people deserved some advice,” said Dr. Gillespie, 44, a professor at Emory.

He said he was reminded of the confirmation hearing for Justice Brett M. Cavanaugh, whose anger was expressed by actor Matt Damon on “Saturday Night Live”. (“I’m going to start at 11,” Mr. Damon’s character says. “I’ll take it about 15 in reality.”)

The Bar That particular SNL sketch mocking Kavanagh could not get enough. Matt Damon was hardly a profile of the daredevil, who admitted to knowing about the alleged sex predator promised by his former boss, Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

“Brett Cavanaugh was allowed to do this to show his religious resentment,” continued Dr. Gillespie. “But if Ketanji Brown Jackson had done that, we would have talked about the angry black woman being moody.”

How would you react if you were falsely accused of rape?

The Bar Let the interviewers jump on a shallow pro-Jackson part of the hearing:

Democrat Senator Corey Booker of New Jersey tells Judge Jackson that one of the brightest moments that touched many women was: “You’ve got this place. You deserve it. “

To add the unmistakable allegation of Republican racism, add Bimal Patel’s story to Saturday’s paper.

Mr Cruz’s remarks were part of a surprise attack on Georgetown Day because Republicans wanted to use the newly coded appeal for racism. During the hearing of Judge Jackson, who is going to be the first black woman in the Supreme Court …

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