NY Times ‘speaks offensively about Asians’ to hate Republicans

A recent version New York TimesIts “On Politics” newsletter has dealt with the latest racist atrocities perpetrated by a Republican: “Republicans in the Ohio Senate have spoken offensively about Asians.” Subtitle: “Mike Gibbons, a top competitor to Senator Rob Portman’s successor, commented on a 2013 podcast about doing business in China.”

Of course, they used what Gibbons said to declare that the GOP had problems with the Asian people.

Blake Honschel and Leah Ascarinum Huff:

The Ohio Senate’s main Republican candidate used offensive stereotypes about Asians in a 2013 podcast, citing a widely infamous book, “The Bell Curve,” which accused racism and dirty research.

Senate candidate Mike Gibbons, a financier who has poured millions of dollars into his campaign, commented during a discussion on how to do business in China. Here comes the first-ever published comments, when Republican candidates jumped on the bandwagon of how to deal with an issue that has persuaded their voters, many of whom blame Beijing for a coronavirus epidemic that Donald Trump referred to as the “Chinese virus.”

Note: The link above has become a ridiculously defensive one Bar A story that tried to accurately describe the coronavirus as a “Chinese virus” as a racist.

In progress, they added:

And although Gibbons did not use the term, his decades-old remarks about China and the Asian people could re-examine a candidate who has received little national media attention despite running in a marquee race in this year’s midterm elections.

If it will Bar There’s something to be said about this, especially in an election year when Democrats need all the help they can get (click “expand”):

“I often think that when I moved to Asia, they all – you know, if you’ve ever read The Bell Curve, it’s a book, a very controversial book, I can’t even remember who wrote it, I think. Her name is Murray, who wrote the book, “Gibbons said in a podcast on November 3, 2013, according to a transcript of her commentary reviewed by The New York Times. He mentioned Charles Murray, co-author of the 1994 book.

Gibbons continued: “And it said that the smartest people in the world, as measurable as IQ, were Ashkenazi Jews. And then just below them were basically China, India, and you know, all over the Asian country. “

About a minute later, Gibbons, who earned a master’s degree from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, described being in a class with “mostly Asians” during graduation school.

Gibbons actually spoke clumsily to a podcast nine years ago, but it was rarely a heinous, heinous crime.

Yet the paper actually mentions, for example, a racially motivated hate crime committed against an Asian woman by a black man in New York City as if the events were connected (click “expand”):

Gibbons’ description of Asian intelligence was “part of the inhumane rhetoric surrounding the API that has contributed to the rise of racism,” said Russell Jung, co-founder of Stop AAPI Hat, a group that monitors incidents of discrimination against Asian Americans and Pacific islanders. It hurts us today. “


The epidemic is accompanied by a worrying increase in attacks on Asian Americans across the United States. In a recent example, in Yankees, NY, a security camera attacked a 67-year-old woman of Asian descent inside the entrance of an apartment building. The video shows him hitting her more than 125 times, hitting her in the crushed body and spitting at her, which law enforcement officials said was a racist incident.

We’re behaving a bit amusing, but it’s almost as if the attacker, a 42-year-old black man named Tammel Esco, was inspired to hit an Asian woman 125 times as Gibbons spoke. Bell Curve Or because Trump used to say “Chinese virus.”

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