NY Times on KBJ: ‘White, Male Republican Senators’ Hypocrites for ‘Partition’

In the coverage of Biden’s first Supreme Court nominee, New York Times Shows some progress on a front of fairness: it is sometimes the case that Judge Ketanji is willing to identify Brown Jackson as a liberal. The paper’s historical pattern of labeling inequality between “liberal” Democratic Supreme Court nominees and “conservative” Republicans.

But the Senate hearing continued until the second day on Capitol Hill on Tuesday Bar Rediscovered its tired template: defending Democratic nominees and criticizing Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Bar Congressional reporter Carl Hulls set the scene Monday, congratulating Jackson and calling him untouchable because of his ethnicity:

Republicans acknowledge that this is a sensitive situation, considering that there is a possibility of confirmation and that they will not be seen as a bully against a woman of one color. With a gold plated legal resume And a reputation as a strong lawyer.

Reporter Katie Rogers, after applauding Republicans with her back hand for the initial flash of politeness, returns to the template of an unjustly Democratic nominee suffering from unfair questions from Republicans:

But Republicans insisted they would not personally attack Judge Jackson, a tone that quickly faded as he was accused of child sex abuse and humiliation of sex offenders. Some suggested without evidence that he was associated with progressive groups who were interested in adding judges to the Supreme Court.

Republican “seizure” begins:

Several Republicans, including Mr. Graham, in an apparent attempt to justify the difficult line of questioning in the coming days, Justice Brett M. Kavanagh’s explosives confirmation was seized at the hearing As an example of the unfair treatment of a Supreme Court nominee in 2018, he insisted that Judge Jackson was already being given more respect and that he could expect more civic tone in the four-day hearing this week.

Rogers could not defend Kavanagh’s treatment by the Democrats, so he resorted to vulnerability:

He was replaced in 2016 by President Barack Obama’s Merrick B. Garland made no mention of fighting the nomination. Republicans also refused to give him a hearing, waiting to see who would win the presidential election.

Mr. Garland is now the Attorney General.

Thus by the liberal criterion of denial of “culture abolition”, The garland was intactSince he finally landed in a nice position?

On Tuesday, Annie Carney’s story, “Judge Jackson GOP Question Previews November Attack Line,” was biased to portray GOP as brutal.

As they begin questioning Judge Ketanzi Brown Jackson on Tuesday, Republican senators are preoccupied with many of the offensive lines planned to be used in their party’s midterm congressional elections to portray Democrats as extremists.

Television hearings serve as a high-profile opportunity for Republicans to promote cultural grievances that inspire their hard-right base, such as anti-apartheid efforts and transgender rights.As they work to tarnish Judge Jackson in the eyes of the public and create excitement among angry voters at his potential height in court.

In a release Monday morning, just before the hearing began, the Republican National Committee described Judge Jackson as a far-left activist and a convert to the critical race theory. The term refers to a field of legal study that examines how racism can be embedded in laws and institutions, but has been authorized by the authorities as a way to insult any discussion of structural racism.

Carney was also biased in his live coverage of the hearing on Tuesday.

12:29 pm: Many of these white, male Republican senators seem to be aware of the optics of grilling a black woman and are going out of their way to notice how compassionate, informative and charming they personally find her. They then launched a biased attack that sought to portray him as an extremist.

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