Novak Djokovic has been allowed to play in the French Open

Tennis star Novak Djokovic has suffered the consequences of not being vaccinated, but things are changing for the Serbian tennis legend.

Djokovic has refused to face political pressure over the issue, despite intense pressure from the tennis community and national governments to do so. He was deported from Australia and as a result his chances of defending the Australian Open title were denied, and he was unable to participate in the last two tournaments in the United States. However, it appears that the facility is being turned into Djokovic’s court again.

Thanks to the French authorities realizing that the number of cases and the number of cases is declining, they have relaxed vaccine orders across the country. As a result, the French Open decided to follow its cowardly principles, opening a door for Djokovic to defend his title.

“As things stand, nothing will stand in the way of Djokovic’s participation in the French Open,” tournament director Amelie Mauresmo told a news conference on Wednesday.

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Although Giles Moreton, president of the French Tennis Federation, said the tournament would increase restrictions if lawsuits began to grow, things seemed incredibly promising for Djokovic. He had previously stated that he would not be vaccinated just for the title and that his ultimate goal was to remain steadfast in his faith. Fortunately, these two things no longer have to be mutually exclusive.

“Yes, I am willing to pay that price,” Djokovic said in February, referring to whether he was ready to be eliminated from the tournament because he had not been vaccinated. “My body’s decision-making principles are more important than any headline or anything else. I’m trying to keep up with my body as much as possible.

“I’ve never been against vaccinations,” (she was vaccinated as a child), “but I’ve always supported the freedom to choose what you want in your body.”

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