‘No Spark’; CBS Pans ‘debunked’ GOP claims about Jackson, Snears over

Wednesday CBS Morning Biden went up and out to help Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson with an 11-minute eye-popping spin, denouncing Republican questions as unrelated to Jackson and ridiculing concerns about his history of punishing child sex offenders, rather than pleasing them. Has done. “Not there” And Republicans have described it as a failure “Hit a match.”

Worse, a CBS liberal even raises questions about the need for confirmation hearings and procedures because there is so much more “Great” (By which they refer to Republicans, not Democrats).

Co-host and Democratic Party donor Gayle King cut off coverage in part. “[s]Every Republican senator has questioned him about issues that are important to the party’s electorate, including critical racism. ” And not about Jackson as a judge.

Congress correspondent Nicole Killian has taken a liberal spin, offering zero pushback on the insane claim that GOP questions are pale: “[T]He is dismissing some of these questions from White House and Democrat Republican senators. They say they have crossed the line and even cut the stain based on conspiracy theories. “

Killian hyped Jackson “Address the elephant in the house” Concerning the punishment of child sexual offenses, “I refute[ing] Missouri Republican Senator Josh Howley has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning child pornography have been made more than once. In the clip used, Jackson made the emotional argument that he still sees sex crimes as “disgusting” and “disgusting.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) raised his concerns about the CRT and antiracist curriculum on a private school Jackson’s board, but Killian took the matter directly to Cruz and expressed his views: “When Senator Cruz was asked how it relates to the Supreme Court, he said critical race theory is divisive.”

Referring to Jackson’s claim that he has his own record as a lawyer, Killian said that “the record … almost made the judge cry because he talked about the challenges of maintaining maternal balance.”

In the second hour of the show, Phil-in co-host Vladimir Duthiers wondered if Cruz would ask Jackson about the race, and there’s a scene that “Whites are kind of oppressors.”

Speaking to reporters Jan Crawford and Robert Costa, Duthiers tidied the former to respond to his disgust with the Texas senator (click “expand”):

DUTHIERS: Senator Ted Cruz seems to have his question to Judge Jackson, the first black woman to be nominated by the Supreme Court to indicate that she is soft on crime, she is soft on pedophiles, and she thinks whites are oppressors in one way or another. . How did you respond to that?

Crawford: Look, I think, all day long, I mean, he was a mix of coercion when he needed to defend himself, and then you know, he was sympathetic when he was talking about his family and some of his tough decisions. Make it a judge … but, Vlad, there’s nobody there. I mean, if you look at his convictions in those cases, it’s not uncommon for other federal judges to have to deal with these cases. It doesn’t take into account what we heard from those Republican senators yesterday, it doesn’t take into account whether their statements were actually consistent with what the probation officers recommended in that case. So, I think today they will go ahead and focus more generally on how he can be a humble speaker in other cases.

Crawford added that the Republicans “No traction found” And failed “A match strike” And create “Spark” Where visitors have seen Jackson’s picture “Personality” As “He was strong.” As well as “Sympathetic.”

Costa’s statement is that many GOP questions were not real but were blatantly biased, saying that when he “Pull[s] [senators] On the one hand, they say that these hearings are not just about Judge Jackson. “ And instead “A prism for the upcoming midterm elections” Per “Inspire their own voters.”

The king then said that he was “Very happy” Costa “Made that point” Because he saw himself questioning why those questions were “even relevant” to Jackson. He was able to deny “bias” and opposition to Jackson in Washington, wondering if Republicans could still support him.

Co-hosts Net Barleson and Crawford turned to the Democrats, and after talking about staying away from Republican content, they cheated on Senator Corey Booker (D-NJ). “Being a little emotional” In reality “Moment” To remember. Crawford Senator John Kennedy (RLA) (click “Extend”):

BERLESON: John, do you think Senator Corey Booker’s exchange of views with Judge Jackson, when asked about his parents and their children, has become somewhat emotional? Do you believe the strategy is going to work for Democrats?

Crawford: Oh, I mean, they – it was interesting. You know, sometimes there’s going to be a moment in this hearing where you can feel the fight just leave the house and we’ve seen that at the confirmation hearing for Justice Alito, for example, his wife breaks down in tears and runs away. And I thought Senator Booker’s question came close to a moment. I mean, it was one of the strongest in the day. Not only the exchange that you mentioned about his parents, but when he asked about the high murder rate of black men, his concern for his own family. He called it annoying, something I know he said very well. It reveals his personal side. And then, of course, there was the mistake of Republican Senator Kennedy from Louisiana on the other side of the corridor, who described it as if it were a surprise to a star controversial, Harvard law grad, who had been a federal judge for a decade. So – but I think it’s going to be interesting to see how all of this, you know, what we’ve seen with Senator Booker’s strong questions and then Senator Kennedy’s missteps, how it affects some of the tone of today’s question.

Before wrapping up, King questioned the confirmation process (which he did even after Jackson’s formal nomination). “Numbers are for him” And “Results” Already set, but we are subject to GOP days instead “Grandstanding.”

In light of all this, we wonder: did these people come down with amnesia and miss what happened? 2017, 2018And 2020?

CBS’s amnesia about how Democrats behaved when Republican presidents appointed Supreme Court judges became possible for advertisers like Apple and Expedia. Follow the links to see their contact information on the MRC’s Conservative Fight Back page.

To view relevant CBS transcripts from March 23, click here.

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