Nine-term Nebraska GOP representative convicted of lying to FBI about foreign propaganda

Nebraska GOP Congressman Jeff Fortenberry was found guilty Thursday of lying to the FBI about foreign contributions to his campaign.

Fortenberry was convicted by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles of three criminal counts – one count of falsifying and concealing material information and two counts of making false statements (each count carries five years).

Fortenberry’s lawyers argued in court that the FBI had persuaded Congressman to give two interviews – then charged him with failing to remember all the details of a conversation he had with an FBI informant about illegal campaign donations.

Defense attorneys say the FBI has “set up” Fortenberry to send foreign money to members of Congress following a national investigation. – Reported by AP.

Familiar words?

Mr Fortenberry, who is currently running for re-election, will be sentenced on June 28.

The Associated Press reports:

Nebraska U.S. Republican Jeff Fortenberry was convicted Thursday of lying to federal authorities about an illegal 30,000 contribution from a foreign billionaire to his campaign in a 2016 Los Angeles fundraiser.

A federal jury in LA held a two-hour hearing about nine counts before convicting nine-term Republicans of two counts of lying and concealing material information and two counts of making false statements. Fortenberry was charged after sitting down for two interviews with FBI agents who were investigating the donor, Gilbert Chagri, a Nigerian billionaire of Lebanese descent.

Fortenberry, 61, argued in the trial that prosecutors knew Congressman was unaware of the contribution, but instructed an informant to provide information in a 10-minute call to try to sue him.

His attorneys say FBI agents use false pretenses to interview Fortenberry about a year later and accuse him of failing to remember all the details of the conversation.

Prosecutors argued that Fortenberry lied about what he knew about illegal grants during an interview at his Lincoln home in March 2019 and during a follow-up meeting in Washington about his contributions to a fundraiser in Los Angeles.

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