Newsbuster Podcast: Misty Media Memories About the Lovely Soviet Union

Liberal journalists now lament that some in the conservative media “regularly repeat Russian speaking points on TV,” as if liberals have always viewed the Russian government as an expansionist enemy. In fact, American conservatives have long been Russia’s toughest domestic critics, and liberals have long advocated Russian totalitarianism and moral equality between American and European democracies.

Sting sang a song called “Russian” which rejected the Cold War and the Hot War, declaring them invincible. How does that look right now?

In the latest newsbuster podcast, we dig deeper into the archives of the Media Research Center to explore Russian media treatment during and after the Cold War. Research director Scott Whitlock joined the show on how the media elite has for years admired Soviet communism and its egalitarian dream. In 1988, Ted Turner aired a documentary series titled TBS Portrait of the Soviet Union It was so pro-Soviet that the Soviets apologized for it on Russian TV.

With the liberalization of the Soviet Union and the subsequent cessation of existence, the American media elites often lamented how Russia would become “another capitalist machine” and that the Russians had lost all dreams of socialist protection of the grave from their cradle. So they should probably not talk about repeating the “point of speaking Russian on TV”.

Enjoy the podcast below or listen to the podcast wherever you are.

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