Newgarden wins 600th victory for Pensk in Texas XPEL 375 – Indie News

IndyCar fans watched an exciting race on Sunday that was full of characters who rolled their tires, literally তে on a very windy day at the Texas Motor Speedway. Chevy engines dominated the early races, while Honda engines put on an impressive display later in the day.

“That’s what happened in Texas,” Joseph Newgarden said of his split-second decision and victory, the winner of XPEL 375 – the 600th Indic win for Tim Pensk.

Newgarden battled a one-second sliver between him and his teammate Scott McLaughlin, who finished second.

The XPEL 375 is the second race in the 2022 IndyCar series, which F1 drivers call the “bumpy track”. Tire strategists worked overtime to estimate turbulence, track conditions, and pit timing, all racing parts. But, unfortunately, they are the part that can frustrate fans and drivers who want to drive as fast as possible.

There were three warnings on the run.

McLaughlin, the New Zealand driver who said he liked the American oval, drove into an impressive car, which was exciting for racers, fans and the team after the disappointing 2021. For the first 82 laps, McLaughlin didn’t have to hold anyone for 12-seconds, which set him apart from the pack.

McLaughlin started from the second position.

Legend AJ Foyet, a 4-time winner of the Indy 500, competed in the Texas race in his hometown. Foyet was there to see his brave-young firebrand driver, Kyle Kirkwood, who showed off a brilliant day of fast racing but got out of a smoking car and ended his day in the wall.

“There are two types of oval drivers, those who have crashed and those who will,” NBC announcers said, seeing Kirkwood getting out of his car, blaming the crash on “dirty air rookie mistakes.”

Well, do they ever have to be smart? Right?

“It simply came to our notice then. I was happy where we were. I was fine at first. I was forcibly taken to that area. We ran over 100 laps; I got into a quick rhythm. “Unfortunately we weren’t able to keep it there,” Kirkwood, a 23-year-old rookie, said after leaving the medical center.

The same track focused on seven-time NACAR champion Jimmy Johnson, but also a rookie on an indicator in Oval traffic for the first time on Sunday. Johnson wanted a “top ten finish”.

Fans were talking about the condition of the track.

A fan of AJ Foyt wrote online, “Fix hard tire degradation on degraded tracks.” He was not alone. Other fans had opinions about the oval condition of the Texas Motor Speedway.

The second warning involved a team led by Andretti Rookie, who told NBC reporters that he had made a bad Rocky mistake for lifting another car too high, which then landed on the wall.

The third warning took out rookie Devlin Difrancesco, Bobby Raheel’s son Graham Raheel and 2021 indie champ Helio Castronves.

All three were involved in three car crashes that left the track heavily littered with debris.

The vehicles were traveling in three directions at the time of the accident and Defrancesco was responsible for the error.

“This crash was unnecessary and everyone is trying to make room. It’s frustrating. I could understand if we had ten laps left .. yes. This is frustrating. We look forward to the next race, “said Castronovs, who held his tongue tight as he explained the details of the race to the track reporter.

The next race will be at Long Beach.

“Third man in, last man out, it was hard limited, learn from these mistakes,” Raheel told reporters diplomatically to track down. “I was just trying to be careful for Helio. Devlin should have been bailed out, it was a strict limitation – we’ll live to fight another day. We can focus on Longbeach. This is a frustrating day. We have moved from 26 to the top ten. It’s frustrating, “said Raheel.

The ‘young chargers’ named the front rows as the announcers in a battle for the first, as McLaughlin fought with his own teammate Rinas Vekki and took the green after an exciting handshake.

Then Rinas Vicky, after a very rocky last two years, took the lead at 159 in Cole. With the field having a good racing rhythm, Dixon with a Honda engine took it to second place and led to some laps of will power.

Rinus Vekeey and Kyle Kirkwood (who was out of the race), had the most passes, 21, at lap 180. Marcus Erickson, with a Honda engine, worked 2nd at 183 to lead the Lap 184.

Scott McLaughlin separated from Ericsson by 188 laps and returned to second place with a gap of .3012.

JR Hildebrand displays one in third place before diving into the hole, with 55 laps left. Jimmy Johnson made 196 in 12 positions on his lap, one lap down from the leader.

Johnson passed in traffic – after a fresh pit stop, after having a great race lap, in 10th place – one lap down from the leader.

Callum Lott, Chevy Engine, led some laps in 201 when Jimmy Johnson was working on the field hoping to make the top ten after a very challenging start to reset his indicators in his new career.

McLaughlin returned the lead with 207 runs. Going for his second win of the season.

Joseph Newgarden was 2nd and Will Power, both Chevy 211, was 5th in the leader’s lap.

With 17 laps left, Jimmy Johnson finished sixth in his competition.

Johnson and Alex Palo were fighting for 5 with 13 laps, as Johnson was 5th out of 241 because he was in the leader’s lap.

Ericsson had 243 32 passes in his lap.

With 2 laps left, Mclaughlin was leading by .2999, and his teammate, Newgarden Close Hall.

Newgarden took the lead with the White Flag and won in the final lap, at the very last moment.

McCluffing led the most laps.

The pit area was covered with skid marks.

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