New York Times columnist Hunter Biden discusses the discomfort of laptops

New York Times Columnists Brett Stephens and Gayle Collins had a weekly conversation. Their conversation on Monday began with some light notes on light, such as Daylight Saving Time and then turned to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine until it resolved an uncomfortable issue for anyone working in Ukraine. Bar – The story of Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 has been suppressed by most of the social and news media, by the magazines for which they work.

Stephens discusses the matter and generates a bizarre response from Collins:

Brett: … by the way: Have you read Hunter Biden’s Times account of the government’s investigation into taxes and foreign-business? Despite the best efforts by Twitter and other social media and news media organizations to look at that fact closely enough or not, Hunter himself has less news here and more to do with the fact that the emails recovered from the discarded laptop were his. On the eve of the 2020 elections.

Gayle: I’m glad our colleagues are still reporting on this story – Hunter Biden’s dirty business dealings shouldn’t push more than anyone else.

Yes, it should not be swept under the rug as your own New York Times Has done since October 2020.

Brett: Not to mention the paintings he tried to sell for up to $ 500,000 on canvas in opaque sales. There is nothing like fish.

Gayle: That said, I have to admit that I never found Hunter’s behavior guilty – very, very disappointing. In a tragedy-stricken family, the fragile son grows up and suffers from drug problems and earns a lot of money working for a company that probably likes to visit relatives of a famous American politician.

The same Gayle Collins who now finds Hunter Biden’s behavior merely “disappointing” is the same man who was obsessed with the story of Mitt Romney securing his dog to the tune of a dozen columns in a hut on the roof of his car. In 2001.

Brett: The DOJ will investigate.

Gayle: Some of Hunter’s behavior was clearly extremely unpleasant. Any new evidence needs to be carefully examined to see if Hunter’s behavior ever became a real crime – for example, did he claim that he could benefit from the government because he was the son of Joe Biden?

So far, I haven’t seen it, but whenever Hunter’s name comes up, I hold my breath.

If Gayle doesn’t want to take the risk of suffocating from holding his breath, it’s best not to read Miranda Divine’s “Laptop from Hell.”

Brett: The book to be read on this topic is “The Bidence” by Politico’s Ben Schrecker. This is not a right-wing hit, which makes the description of Hunter’s business transactions even more damaging. But what really bothered me was that not so much a subtle media effort to bury the email story as a kind of Russian misleading propaganda just before the election. If anyone discovered it, say, Ivanka Trump kept a laptop in a repair shop so that about 10 percent of emails were kept “for the big guy” – to use a reference that appears to be from Joe Biden, one of which came from. Emails found on Hunter’s computer – was the story treated with children’s gloves?

If “such a subtle media effort to bury the email story just before the election” bothers you so much, Brett, why don’t you ask yourself? Bar Why did colleagues and editors bury it so hard? You and Gayle both act like other media outlets who did the burial without acknowledging that your own journal was at the forefront of that burial description.

Gayle: Well, Ivanka is a very tidy man. Mentioning him reminds me of how much, if any, of the campaign fundraising campaign Trump is collecting, if any, was never clear to me.

I’m not trying to downplay Hunter’s story, but in the grand scheme of things, I still think his misdeeds end up as a sidebar in the Biden story. Feel free to remind me if half the family is to blame.

Can we just remind you that your own employer buried this story through shameless electoral interference?

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