New video shows people begging for help from police officers

A situation that’s just as bad – if not worse – and indiscriminate, like George Floyd, new video footage shows another man in police custody two months ago after repeatedly shouting “I can’t breathe”.

Edward Bronstein, 38, was suspected of driving under the influence on March 31, 2020, when he was apprehended by California Highway Patrol officers. When police tried to stop him from drawing his blood, he was heard shouting “I can’t breathe” about 12 times.

Bronstein’s family filed an unnatural death lawsuit in December 2020, and no video of the incident has been released until this month.

“The state of California did not want us to release this video,” said Luis Carrillo, an attorney for the Bronstein family. Los Angeles Times. “Thank God the judge agreed with us, and that’s why you can watch this video now. It’s terrible, but it’s the only way his family can get some justice. ”

In the video, Officers tell Bronstein that there is a court order for drawing blood. Bronstein, who is wearing handcuffs, asks officers why they have to draw blood, where he is told he will be restrained if he does not submit.

Once officers begin to intercept him, he repeatedly says, “I will do it voluntarily.” However, officers told him it was “too late.”

“One officer did not take action to remove the others,” he said. Michael Carrillo, Another family attorney, said. “Pull him aside, do something to give him air. When they finally turned him over, he was dead. ”

In fact, the situation here is as bad as George Floyd’s, but it didn’t get much media attention because it didn’t fit the narrative.

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