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Tuesday May 24, 2022

New poll shows that about 1/4 of Democrat voters believe Biden will not

New polls released this week by Rasmussen Reports show that a growing number of Democrat voters are waking up to the fact that the 2020 election was too short, rigged, if not directly stolen, after the New York Times’ recent confession that the infamous Hunter Biden laptop was actually 100% legal.

In other words, the story is breaking down – it is impossible to hide the fact that Biden is an illegitimate and incompetent president.

According to a March 24 poll, nearly a quarter of registered Democrat voters now believe Joe would not be president today if the media were to do their job and report entirely on Hunter’s laptop when the content was published in the 2020 election.

Not only that, the new numbers show that a growing percentage of Democrats are taking the laptop issue more seriously than in the past, with about 2/3 saying they are now following the laptop story closely and about half saying the ‘big man’ (Joe) is just his. The boy was not aware of the corrupt business transactions but was probably involved and benefited from the scheme.

While some still do not believe in the foul play of the Biden Crime Family, the huge number of people waking up is certainly a surprising and disturbing sight for the Left organization.

In all, 1,000 Democrats were asked four questions about the story of the Biden laptop. The results from Rasmussen are as follows:

1 * How closely have you followed the news reports about Hunter, the son of President Joe Biden?

60% of Democrats respond that they are closely following the story of the Hunter laptop.

2 * The New York Times recently admitted that emails about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in a foreign country were found on a laptop computer that was abandoned by the president’s son at a Delaware computer repair shop. How important is the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop?

47% of Democrats say the story of the Hunter laptop is important

3 * How likely is it that Joe Biden was consulted and probably benefited from his son Hunter’s foreign business deal, including at least one involved with a company in mainland China?

41% say Joe Biden may have consulted and / or profited from Hunter’s shady business deal

4 * If the media had been fully reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election, what are the chances of Joe Biden being elected President?

23% said Joe Biden would not be president today if Hunter’s laptop had been honestly reported by the media when it was unveiled.

As Rasmussen reports, there has been a complete media blackout over the outcome of this new vote. I guess the media and Dames are not ready to throw a quarter of their supporters under the bus, as they have the right to do, labeling them as “white-nationalist extremists” for their views on a rigged election.

Media blackout with-

Nearly one-fourth of Democratic voters today said that if the media fully reports the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election, it is unlikely that Joe Biden will become president.

Their hearts warm and retweet this?

– Rasmussen Report (@rasmusen_pol) March 25, 2022

For Republicans, they also see a growing number of respondents who take the Biden Crime Family Corruption more seriously, with more than 75% saying the laptop is a “very important” story to follow, following the previous vote. . A huge 73% of them believe that Joe Hunter was involved in embezzling foreign money and / or benefited.

The majority of independents leaning Republicans on the issue, with 46% believing that the story is very important, but, somehow, 51% of them answered that Biden probably benefited himself from corruption. Apparently, according to Rasmussen, there is a small percentage of immediate voters who are doing well by selling US interests to make Biden quick money.

From Rasmussen:

Nineteen percent (69%) of voters said they followed news reports about Hunter Biden closely, including 37% who followed the news very closely about the president’s son. Significantly more Republicans (51%) close to Hunter Biden than Democrats (26%). Followed by news, because 34% of voters are not affiliated with any major party.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of Republicans, 26% of Democrats, and 46% of disenfranchised voters believe that the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop is crucial.

73% of Republicans, 23% of Democrats and 51% of disenfranchised voters believe that Joe Biden was consulted and probably benefited from his son’s foreign business deal. “

The post shows new polls showing that about 1/4 of Democrat voters believe Biden would not be president today if the media were to fully report on Hunter’s ‘Laptop from Hell’ first appeared at Gateway Pondy.


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