New Newsbuster Podcast: Biden Pupper Scoopers Launch Overdrive in Poland

President Biden’s gossip in Poland about the red-hot Russian war against Ukraine did not end well among European allies. Our media elites wanted to compare Biden with JFK or Ronald Reagan talking boldly about Russia, but they tried to emphasize that these gaffs are not really gaffs. Either they have soft-pedaled them or they have completely ignored them.

At the very least, they have covered Biden’s assertion that Putin “cannot stay in power.” Sunday’s newspaper headlines were something. The Washington Post At the top comes this headline:

Biden: Putin ‘can’t stay in power’
The White House insisted the remarks were not about regime change

New York Times Worse, the White House did not recognize the cleanup:

Biden says Putin ‘can’t stay in power’
Burning statement after visiting the refugee.

The Bar Inside the story paper, the White House did not acknowledge the issue until Article 9. A The Washington Post The reporter tweeted that Biden was “sometimes obscure” which fueled leftist anger on Twitter.

Biden made another negligence in Poland that received little attention, telling the 82nd Airborne in southern Poland what they would see on the streets of Ukraine “while you’re there.” The White House had to repeat that there were no plans to send troops to Ukraine.

In that speech, AP’s story ignores the “when you’re there” gaff, but Biden took the time to talk about visiting his son Beau in Iraq. This leads to a brief note about the SE Cup brought by Hunter Biden on Sunday. Reliable sources. It was short, but shocking.

Will Smith concludes with some insanely radical Twitter response to slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, complete with calls for “texturism,” “abelism,” – even “abalonear” – and white colonial colonialism.

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