New: Elon Musk is giving ‘serious thoughts’ on a new social media platform

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he is “seriously thinking” about creating a new social media platform to compete with Twitter.

“Are you thinking of creating a new social media platform, @ Elnmask? “An account Ask. “One that will have an open source algorithm, where freedom of speech and adherence to freedom of speech are given the highest priority, where publicity is very low. I think such a platform is needed. “

Musk replied that he had given the idea “serious thought.”

“I’m thinking about it seriously,” he said The answer.

Seth Dillon, its CEO Babylon beesThe left would not want to be part of such a platform.

“No one wants a free speech platform to the left of the center,” he said Says. “They want a platform free of misinformation and hate speech – that is, opinions they don’t like. Why would they join a free speech platform? “

Dan Gainer of the Media Research Center favored the idea.

“Please do it, but be prepared for the epic opposition of the Left / NGOs and the government,” he said. Tweet. “They fear freedom of speech because we’ve really witnessed the last two years specifically.”

Last week, Musk tweeted in support of his freedom of speech and challenged Twitter’s “loyalty”.

He asked his followers to vote “yes” or “no” in a vote that asked users if the platform supported freedom of speech. “Freedom of speech is essential for a functioning democracy,” he said Tweet Friday. “Do you believe that Twitter adheres strictly to this policy?”

Musk made it clear that the “consequences” of the tweet would be “significant”. “The outcome of this vote will be important,” he said Says. “Please vote carefully.” On Thursday, Musk criticized Twitter’s algorithm. “I’m really concerned about the bias in the Twitter algorithm that is having a big impact on public speaking,” he said. Tweet. “How do we know what’s really going on?”

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