NBC’s doctored photo shows trans swimmer Thomas more feminine

Oh, the wonder of graphic design. NBC Penn University swimmer Will “Leah” Thomas has a picture airbrush to portray her as a cover girl rather than a masculine man. Thomas won a national women’s swimming championship last week, denying them their rightful place as the women’s champion and all-American.

In the doctor’s photo, Thomas has the soft facial skin of a girl. In fact, it shows him the part of a man with a rough face.

“During a” Today “segment last week, the network displayed at least one blatantly digitally altered image, allegedly to give Thomas what critics call ‘feminine aura,'” BizPakreview reported.

“This obvious contradiction has led to allegations that NBC News is trying to manipulate its viewers in the controversy surrounding Thomas.”

The Todd Starness World Net Daily website commented: “As the fake news wasn’t fake enough already, there are now allegations against NBC for airbrushing a picture of collegiate swimmer Leah Thomas to make transgender athletes look more feminine.”

Oz Simpson’s mug shot for the cover of Time Magazine darkens, we’re too old to raise allegations of racism. And then there’s the Capitol riot photo that they always use that makes it look like a building surrounded by fire. Changing photos is quite a sketchy business.

“It simply came to our notice then. Why did NBC News put a soft filter on Thomas’ face?

Sternes further commented that the photo was so clearly documented that it was a deliberate attempt to change the original. She lists several Twitter complaints about NBC’s apparent efforts to make Thomas more feminine and less intrusive in women’s sports.

  • “This jaw needs to be softened. Ha ha ha. ”

  • “It’s a pity to give it a ‘feminine’ look.”

  • “It’s like the Rolling Stone Boston Bomber did when he was on their front page. Looked like him [a] Glamor model. ”

  • “Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.”

  • “Look less masculine? You need more than an airbrush to hide other bad things. ”

A report from Twitchy.com states: “It’s very clear.

Ian Miles Cheung, a well-known social media commentator, tweeted, “Journalists would be fired for airbrushing news pictures. Now they’re airbrushing Leah Thomas (for obvious reasons) and apparently that’s journalism. ”

If NBC tried to soften the criticism of the opportunistic exploitation of male Thomas by a female sports team, the attempt clearly failed.

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