MSNBC’s cross: US and Russia are using chemical weapons from Russia over police

His Saturday morning MSNBC show Cross connection, Host Tiffany Cross causes U.S. police to wreak havoc on the people of Ukraine in an unpleasant battle with the military forces of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. The reason? Well, he called it “hypocritical” for the United States to denounce Russia’s possible use of chemical weapons as police used tear gas on Black Lives Matter protesters.

Here was Cross, who was talking to Andy Weber, Obama’s assistant secretary of defense: “The United States is very much against chemical weapons. But the police are using tear gas here, Right here in America, which is considered a chemical weapon. And so, this is a bit Hypocritical, perhaps? Because we saw tear gas used, Especially During the Black Lives Matter protest? “

Weber explained that there was an exception to the agreement banning the use of chemical weapons by law enforcement in crowd control. Oddly enough, Weber referred to the exception as a “loophole.” As if this is something that has been inadvertently slipped by negotiators. In fact, it is clearly spelled out as an exception.

Cross angrily accepts Weber’s explanation“Okay, you’re an expert. I thought the Chemical Weapons Convention banned the use of riot control agents,” he said.

Tiffany Cross Andy Weber MSNBC The Cross Connection 3-10-22Note that both Cross and Weber ignore the dramatic differences between tear gas used by U.S. law enforcement agencies and the type of chemical weapons that Russia possesses. The effects of tear gas usually stop within 15-30 minutes.

In contrast, Russian chemical weapons are extremely deadly. According to it The Washington Post Articles, Just one teaspoon of such a Russian chemical is enough to kill thousands of people.

But for liberals like Cross, it always blames America first – especially when it comes to defending the BLM riots and condemning police efforts to control them.

Cross’s insane comments have made it possible for advertisers like Progressive, Kayak, Applebee’s, Chase and Visionworks to approve. Their contact information is attached.

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MSNBC’s Cross connection
10:17 am ET

TIFFANY CROSS: U.S. officials say Russia is planning a quote-unclaimed false flag operation to deploy chemical or biological weapons and then blame Ukraine for doing so. Now, Russia claims that it is abiding by international agreements calling for the elimination of these banned weapons. But the ghost of chemical and biological warfare like nuclear power has been haunting this conflict since the beginning and will really take this whole thing to a whole new level. Hon’ble Andy Weber is joining me now. He is a Senior Fellow of the Strategic Risk Council. He is also the former Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defense Program under President Obama.


10:18 a.m.

Andy Weber: Well, obviously we have a very good idea that they are planning to use chemical or biological weapons. It has been disclosed personally through our National Security Adviser to General Patrushev, Russia’s National Security Adviser, to keep them on notice and to try to deter them. They can use them in many ways. They could be used for assassinations against their military and political leadership. They can use it to clean the building. They can use it on military battlefields. They could use it to get behind bomb shelters, as chemical agents could enter buildings. So, this is a heinous form of war. It is prohibited by international conventions. And if Russia crosses this line, it will be absolutely barbaric and terrible.


10:20 a.m.

Cross: Where do these chemical weapons come from and how can countries get their hands on them when they are banned?

Weber: Well, the ones used in Salisbury, England, against Navalny and Colonel Scripps were made in a secret Russian military laboratory. In fact, their peacetime use in these two endeavors is a smoking gun that violates the Chemical Weapons Convention, which prohibits the manufacture or stockpiling of chemical weapons.

Cross: You know, it’s taking Russia a little further away from the conflict. However, it is somewhat interesting. Because The United States opposes chemical weapons. Yet, the police use tear gas here in America, here, Which is considered a chemical weapon. And so, Is it a little hypocrisy, perhaps? Because we’ve seen the use of tear gas, especially during the Black Lives Matter protest? I am interested to know your thoughts on the use of chemical weapons in law enforcement while we are telling other countries that they should not use it. Really no one should use this, perhaps. But I’m curious about your thoughts.

Weber: Well, There is a loophole in the Chemical Weapons Convention that allows the use of so-called riot control agents. So it is not illegal. However, if it is used in war, for example, if Russia uses any kind of chemical weapons, including ordinary chlorine gas, against Ukraine, it will be a clear violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Cross: Um, all right. You are an expert. I thought the Chemical Weapons Convention banned the use of riot control agents. Oh, I guess you’re talking about war, but not law enforcement, probably. Got it.

Weber: That’s right.

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