MSNBC: Judge Jackson ‘victim of racism and sexuality’ at Senate hearing

Tuesday afternoon Haley Jackson reports On MSNBC, Chris Jansing conducted a panel segment discussing the latest developments in the confirmation hearing of Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. Jansing and his guests were apparently provoked by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) questioning Jackson for supporting his critically acclaimed race theory.

The first annoying moment in the segment came when MSNBC contributor Joyce Vance tried to defend the current way of prosecutors by following people in possession of child pornography. Arguing the way child porn pedophiles have been judged “It’s a problem that has been building up in the federal judiciary for at least ten or fifteen years.”

Vance explained that “The laws were written at a time when child pornography was rampant and trafficked through the mail or print media, such as newspapers.” Where nowadays “Anyone who can download something is in possession of child pornography.”

He concluded by saying that he did not personally agree with the judges and prosecutors in the legal community who argued that downloading child porn was apparently easy. “Punishment is too strong for people” Those who download it “It’s without trafficking.”

Later in the segment, after referring to Howley and Cruz’s tough questions about Jackson, Jansing claimed that “Research shows that women face a higher barrier to confirmation hearings” And don’t study that “Consider women of color” Because colorful women have never been nominated in the Supreme Court.

Note that various black women’s advocacy groups are hosting a watch party for Jackson’s confirmation hearing because his nomination is a “historic moment”, Jackson is facing a “Time that is at the crossroads of racism and sexism and intense political divisions.”

According to the leftist media, you can never question a black woman’s record and past views without considering her racist or sexist.

This has been made possible by the biased segment Hyundai. Their information is attached.

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MSNBC’s Haley Jackson reports
3:55:18 pm East

Joyce Vance: This is a problem that has been building up in the Federal Judiciary for at least ten or 15 years because what actually happened here is a law that was written at a time when child pornography was rampant and via mail or trafficking. Print media, like magazines, is now being applied in the context of the Internet where anyone who downloads anything is in possession of child pornography and many judges think so, and I want to be careful not to take this view because as a former prosecutor, I agree. No, but many judges believe that punishment for those who engage in child pornography is extremely strong in the sense that trafficking or production was meant when the law was written.


Chris Jansing: The point is, Simon, who gets the vote, and he hopes to get all the Democrats, research shows that women face higher barriers to confirmation hearings. These studies generally do not consider women of color because there have been very few. There is clearly no one at this level. So today, black women leaders, the Black Women’s Roundtable, a party like Will Rise, are hosting a virtual watch party because, yes, it’s a historic moment, but Judge Jackson also faces a time when racism and sexuality are intertwined and intense political divisions. Talk in the context of today’s interrogation and what you have heard.

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