MSNBC compares physically fit men to Nazis – Indy News

A recent column published by MSNBC accused physically healthy men of being fascists. The article specifically focuses on those involved in weightlifting and mixed martial arts training and accuses them of practicing “fascist fitness”.

The “fascist fitness” column on MSNBC was written by Cynthia Miller-Idris, a far-left educator and professor of extremism at American University. Miller-Idris used the column to compare physical fitness and mixed martial arts with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, and expressed concern that those who were physically strong and possessed a masculine self-image would reject leftist education. He even claimed that they could eventually be held responsible for the street violence and that the government and other agencies should plan to crack down.

Miller-Idris Cowid expressed great concern about the popular at-home fitness routine during the lockdown, claiming that “far-right people have taken advantage of the trend of home-based fitness and warfare to spread the radicalization of his mixed physical martial arts (MMA) over the decades.” . “

Dissatisfied with the way people communicated during the coveted lockdown, Miller-Idris claimed that “fascist fitness” groups had taken advantage of the downtime in the telegram, enticing young people with promises to inflate biceps before finally inviting them to “closed chat groups”. “

More troubling to Miller-Idris than the youth spending time in the gym or with a set of dumbbells, is the idea of ​​mixed martial arts training, which he says reminds him of studying at Adolf Hitler’s Main Camp. Miller-Idris says MMA enthusiasts are training for the “upcoming race war” and warns that if young people join the MMA gym, they will be able to share their political thoughts with other physically strong young people Can cause. The right wing claims to be a fundamentalist.

Worse, Miller-Idris said the MMA practice is akin to hand-to-hand combat, and when combined with other forms of physical fitness and thinking that he does not approve of, it can “create a dangerous and powerful cocktail of” fundamentalism. “

Masculinity, especially the masculinity of white men, has been under constant attack in recent years, and the left has become obsessed with sports such as MMA and weightlifting, which fall outside the dominance of their traditional media and entertainment. Unlike the NFL, where far-left corporate sponsors have pushed the league to the left of women, leagues such as Mixed Martial Arts ‘UFC’ and Bodybuilding’s IFBB are Pro-Man, Pro-Fitness and Pro-America, and several big names. There are. The sport has taken a public stand against the left.

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