More than 170,000 migrants expect the bid to relax at the US-Mexico border

(Texas) – A significant change in the U.S. – Mexico border policy is due to come next week as the Biden administration moves to end Title 42, a policy measure that allows for the rapid removal of immigrants from the United States. Senator Marco Rubio also tweeted a statement capturing the moment’s discomfort. We are on the brink of an unprecedented immigration crisis. 200,000 immigrants are now waiting for Biden to lift a cowardly rule near the border in Mexico that allows for immediate deportation. Marco Rubio (@MarcoRubio) March 18, 2022

The 170,000 number came from U.S. intelligence officials who are talking to Axios. 170,000 immigrants are waiting for Biden to withdraw Title 42 so they can enter America more easily. According to Newsweek, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is expected to discontinue the use of Title 42, which will become official from Monday. The agency said in a statement that it had conducted a “thorough review” and concluded that they needed to get rid of it because “the department’s limited enforcement resources need to be prioritized … using accelerated RAM …

The post collected more than 170,000 immigrants to the United States – Mexico hopes to ease border restrictions on Bid: The report was first published in the Popularist Press © 2022.

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