Mitt Romney can get an initial challenge from Trump ally – Indy News

The reaction against RINO is growing.

Utah Attorney General Shawn Reyes is considering running for the Senate in 2024. This will set up a preliminary set between him and Mitt Romney

Race backed Trump’s efforts to stop the 2020 election theft.

From Politico:

Utah Attorney General Shawn Reyes, who backed Donald Trump’s efforts to challenge the 2020 election results, is preparing for the 2024 Senate race that could put him against Sen. Mitt Romney in a GOP primary.

Reyes, who has been elected three times across the state, has discussed the issue in recent weeks with key players in Utah politics and with allies of the former president, according to a person familiar with Reyes’ plans. Reiss will make a final decision and will probably announce his intentions in May.

“Whether Mitt runs or not, Shawn is seriously considering running,” the man said. “He’s confident that whatever Sen. Romney wants to do, he’s going to follow it.”

Romney has not publicly discussed his 2024 plans. The 75-year-old former GOP presidential nominee and Massachusetts governor is being encouraged by some anti-Trump Republicans to run for president again, although several Utah political operatives believe Romney will retire from politics at the end of his current Senate term. .

“I guarantee Trump will come with someone,” said Carson Jorgensen, chairman of the Utah Republican Party. “There’s a lot of frustration here that if Trump doesn’t run for president, he’ll run against Romney.”

Mitt Romney has spent his time insulting Trump and his allies without going behind the Biden administration.

There it is … Mitt Romney blames President Trump’s “America First” policy “shortsightedness” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Meet the misery!

For anti-media bias, check out!

Post-meet Romney can get an initial challenge from Trump ally first appearing at The Gateway Pond.

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