Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Grittens called the neoconservatives

The following article, Missouri U.S. Senate Candidate Eric Gretens Call Out Neocon Warmen’s Demanding Intervention in Ukraine / Russia Conflict, was first published in Big League Politics.

Missouri U.S. Senate candidate and former Navy SEAL Eric Gretens released a strong statement Thursday calling on both Democrats and Republicans to join the fray.

“Democrats, founders of RINO, and journalists who want to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine must be truthful about the implications. Many of them do not understand what a no-fly zone is, or lie about what it means: war, “Grittens said in a statement.” No-fly zone means war with Russia. “

“The warlords want to throw us into the war when we are led by the same illegitimate old man Joe Biden who led us to withdraw from the catastrophic Afghanistan. Biden did not know how to expel civilians from Afghanistan. He did not know how to hold our strategic air base. He didn’t know how to wield or destroy our weapons before we left, “he continued. “Biden can only walk on one stage. Now, does anyone want to go to the brink of a nuclear war with Russia? Catastrophic errors will be confirmed. These mistakes will lead to more deaths. More misery. More refugees. “

Democrats, RINOs and the media have now resorted to blaming the Ukraine war for the Democrats’ catastrophic policies that have given us gas prices and inflation, calling for the plight of Americans. They try to distract from their catastrophic open borders, supply chain breaches and evade police policies at home, “Gretens added. “To all Democrats, Renault and journalists begging for war: I have a question. When are you going Anyone can grab a rifle and fly to the front line to fight the Russians for a few weeks. Then come back and tell the Americans why they would risk their own security for a war that does not directly meet our national interests.

He concludes by telling the unruly interlocutors, most of whom have not served in the armed forces like Gretens, about the cool reality of war.

“I know for myself what war means. War means body bag. War means funeral. War means Gold Star family. War means children who have no parents,” Grittens concluded. We should go, but don’t drag our country into World War III. “

The full letter of gratitude can be found here:

The politics of the Big League Reported on Gretens’ incredible recent speech at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), where he breathed in the fresh air in the breath of the Republican establishment about Ukraine:

Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Grittens has condemned leftist atrocities, not punching him during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday.

In his speech at the CPAC, Grittens made it clear that the leftist threat must be crushed or America would be destroyed, making it clear that he was America’s first champion of the independence movement in the Senate.

“We have a mission, and that mission is to get our country back, and we’re here to do it!” Gretens praised him, saying he had served as a navy seal and had taken his oath of office very seriously.

“The cruel truth is clear: the left is actively trying to destroy our country. We know the truth, “he added. “We are going to stand up for our country and we are ready to fight for it.”

He mentioned that he had traveled across the border, seeing it from the US side as well as from the Mexican side, to see how waves of Third World invaders were destroying the country. He mentions cowardly oppression, critical racism, policing, inflation and military catastrophe as the Left seeks to destroy America.

“A lot of people in the mainstream media, some RINOs, say it’s just Joe Biden aging and Orange Harris incompetent, and that’s true, they are, but it’s more than that. No one is this stupid, “Gretens said.

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