Michael Hayden, a member of the NewsGuard advisory board, still wants to recall the Biden laptop

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Former Bush administration CIA Director Michael Hayden, who has spent most of Trump’s year attacking and belittling Republicans, has not withdrawn his claim that Hunter Biden’s laptop story was a “Russian delusion” despite serving on NewsGuard’s advisory board – a news agency and Claims to oppose refusing to correct major errors of commentary.

Last year, Britbert reported on Hayden’s role on the advisory board of NewsGuard, a non-partisan misinformation watchdog, a supposedly “neutral” project that claims to fight untrustworthy and “fake” news:

Michael Hayden, a formerly biased, anti-Trump NSA and CIA director, is still serving on the agency’s advisory board.

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Michael Hayden, a member of the Post Newsguard Advisory Board, still wants to withdraw the biden laptop ‘Russian Disinfo’ claim in the first CD media.

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