Massie University queer fat studies lecturer and ‘fatalistic feminist’ dies

New Zealand – Massey University ‘Fat Studies’ lecturer Dr. Cat died suddenly in her sleep this weekend.

Cat Pose’s work focuses on the effects of “fat stigma” and focuses on spreading the ‘positivity of the body’ and health in all its forms.

Dr. Paz, 42, described himself and his mission in his Twitter bio: “Fatalisius. Feminist. Appreciate obesity since ’09. Tear off the white dominance with my fat fingers. Friend of Marilyn Pod. Sociology, Public Health, Fat Studies ” reports:

Cat Pause, an academic whose research explored the effects of “fat stigma”, has died.

As a fat study researcher, Paz’s work focuses on the well-being of overweight people and the “effects of distorted identities” on their health.

Poz spoke to staff in January about inequalities in their daily lives, particularly healthcare. Moral panic over the level of obesity perpetuates it.

“Everyone has an anti-fat attitude. We find them in children under three years of age. We are not born to hate fat people, we are not born to hate fat people, or fat people are lazy or lack discipline or willpower, ”Pose said.

“We’ve learned these attitudes, we can get rid of them completely.”

Labor MP Deborah Russell and others said. 8 reacted to the sudden death of Poz

Some deep sad news for all the friends and fans of Dr. Cat Pose FOMNZ. I know very few details that our dear friend died in his sleep last night. I am very sorry, and I know that many in the academic and union circles will be shocked and saddened.

– Deborah Russell MP (eeBeeFaerie) March 26, 2022

Really heartbreaking to hear the news of the amazing Dr. Kat Pose’s death. He was truly an incredible man. BOIPOC is a pioneer of fat liberation and a great partner for the people.

– Anna McAllister (penope_thank_u) March 26, 2022

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