Mark Levine “The Great One” shared his thoughts on US involvement in Ukraine

Mark Levine, the great one, last night offered his thoughts on Ukraine and possible US involvement.

In his discussion of the possible involvement of Ukraine and the United States, Levin shared the following on Fox News last night. Mark Levine has blasted the Biden administration for failing to predict the possible actions of omniscient leaders around the world.

Some of his thoughts here lead to his thesis that we cannot allow nuclear blackmail to determine the fate of the world.

We all knew the catastrophe in Afghanistan and what was going to happen after the surrender of this administration. We all knew that when Biden was persuading Putin in every possible way, be it a pipeline or a nuclear deal, and much more, we all knew that this day would come.

After the destruction of Hong Kong, Xi had already mentioned that he would invade Taiwan, and he also mentioned Iran’s plans to destroy the United States. Levin then says:

I suggest they knew it but they are weak and miserable.

Levin then left, and briefly stated that the United States should not panic with Putin.

We cannot allow nuclear blackmail to determine the fate of the world.

Watch the full episode below.

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Post Mark Levin “The Great One” has offered his thoughts on US involvement in Ukraine, first appearing in The Gateway Pundit.

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