Marjorie Taylor went to Green Pete Bootigig, ‘Stay away from our girls

Republican Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor has targeted Green Transportation Secretary Pete Butigig and his wife, Chasten.

The Firebrand Republican urged the two men to “keep our girls out of the bathroom” when he addressed a rally titled “Former President Donald Trump.”

“Did you know? Pete Butigig can take his electric vehicle and his bike, and she and her husband can stay out of our girls’ bathrooms,” she said as the crowd cheered.

He did another swipe about an LGBTQ while smacking down college swimmer Leah Thomas.

Marjorie Taylor makes a bizarre gossip about Green Pete Butigig and says she can “stay out of our girls bathroom.”

– Asin (@ app) March 26, 2022

“And old Leah Thomas, Leah has to remember her name William, and she has to go back to men’s swimming because we’re going to get the biological men out of the women’s game,” he said as the crowd cheered again.

Butigig earlier this month suggested that people need to get expensive electric cars to fight rising gas prices.

“Clean transportation can also bring significant cost savings to the American people,” he said during a speech. “Last month, we announced a 5 billion investment to build a nationwide electric vehicle charging network so that people from rural to suburban to urban communities could benefit from gas savings to drive EVs.”

“Today we are talking about how we can provide clean air, a good climate, affordable transportation and a good job together,” he said.

Fox News reports:

Although the price of electric vehicles has dropped in recent years, they are still beyond the reach of millions of Americans, with an average value of around $ 50,000.

EVs also rely on raw materials such as cobalt and lithium for their batteries. Increasing demand for EVs requires greater reliance on countries such as Congo, Russia and China that mine these materials.

Butigig’s comments came as gas prices rose in the United States as calls for a ban on Russian oil imports surfaced in Ukraine over a military invasion without provocation by Moscow.

Pump prices have been rising for a long time before the conflict but have risen sharply since the war began.

According to Auto Club AAA, the U.S. national average for one gallon of gasoline rose 45 cents per gallon last week and peaked at $ 4.06 on Monday.

It’s easy for Buttigig to tell people every day to get an expensive electric car when you consider that he has received about $ 250,000 in gifts and grants from mayoral candidates who later received millions of dollars in grants as part of the 21 210 billion infrastructure. Funding, mentioned in a report last month.

According to the Daily Mail, “Butigig’s top political donors received millions of dollars in city contracts after paying thousands of dollars for his campaign during his tenure as mayor of South Bend, Indiana.”

“Buttigieg’s political action committee took money from 23 companies which then got jobs from the South Bend Public Works Board whose members it hired, the documents obtained,” the outlet said.

On two separate occasions, the report said, Butigig, who was once the Democratic presidential rival in 2020, was awarded the contract on the same day.

The report adds:

Other city contractors have gifted the mayor hundreds of dollars worth of cigars, alcohol and golf trips.

The company, its executives and their spouses donated a total of $ 253,750 to the Batigig campaign and received a total of $ 33,310,426 in city contracts between 2011 and 2019.

After hiring a former company executive in the public works department in the city of Butteig, the firm was then given multiple infrastructural jobs and became one of Mayor Pitt’s biggest donors.

Butigig served as mayor of South Bend from 2012 to 2020. Earlier last year, President Joe Biden appointed him Secretary of Transportation.

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