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Tuesday Jul 05, 2022

Marjorie Taylor calls Green 2 top Republicans ‘merging with dams’ – indie

Georgia GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Green is trailing RINOs and Never-Trumpers in her own team.

In a series of tweets, the new congresswoman ripped apart the female “dictator” Joe Biden and how Democrats are trying their best to implement communism in America.

Green then turned his attention to Republicans, mainly Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Green has argued in several tweets that Republicans are “uniting with Democrats” and is doing nothing to stop Biden and Democrats.

Here is what Green said:

Dear colleague,

Since the dictator Joe Biden started the first phase of the communist takeover of the American Dames yesterday and there is no email in my inbox from the GOP conference call or leadership on my calendar to stop this frenzy, I am going to be more direct than usual.

After all, I ran for Congress because in the first two years of Trump’s presidency, when Republicans controlled the House and Senate, they failed to provide the most important things for Republican voters.

Broken campaign promises such as: Abolishing Obamacare. Obamacare took my family’s premiums from $ 800 to $ 2400 funds and built a border wall. The rupee has provided all kinds of financing for foreign countries but will not build a wall for Americans.

Defunding Sanctuary City. Cities that harbor illegal aliens have been funded Defending Planned Parenthood. In the first two years of Trump’s rule, the rupee failed to repay that heinous abortion mill. No, they did. That’s one I can’t really get over.

Remember that big omnibus that was so angry at Trump that made us all angry? Trump said he would never put such a bill across my desk, and Republicans gave our great president no other choice.

It is no exaggeration to say that when Republicans do not do what they say, they do not give them any reason to support them.

With millions of R voters, I realized then that if Republicans fail to deliver on the most important and simplest campaign promises, when they gain a strong majority with a president like Trump, they will never. So I ran for Congress and I’m here.

I address hundreds of thousands of Republican voters each week at home and across the country. Our voters are upset that Republican dictator Joe Biden in Congress and our country have done nothing to stop the complete destruction.

You see, the Republicans have a razor-thin minority in the House, only a few votes less. This puts the most pressure on Pelosi to perform because he can’t lose any votes, he needs a full conference to pass the bill. And he performs. I respect him for that.

Democrat bills are easy to pass when Republicans apply any real pressure in the House, despite being so outrageous non-Americans. The Communist Democrat agenda could be ruined if my colleagues legislate and act the way many interviewed on TV.

“But Marjorie, you’re just a teenager. You don’t understand how it happened.” Really?

For decades the political pendulum has been hovering between Rs & Ds and we are in debt of $ 30 trillion, on the brink of communism, at risk of economic collapse, becoming a drug in complete dependence on the global economy, and experienced Rs. How has it been made to lecture me?

You should all listen to what your richest successful donors have to say about you and your lack of action as the Democrats burn our country to the ground with dementia.

It’s beyond me that my conference still chooses to stick with “messaging” and fundraising strategies to get the House back and not understand what everyone else on the planet knows to be true.

We will not have a constitution or a country to get back to ’22 and certainly not to ’24, unless the Republicans in Congress get their gear.

If Republicans value their weight in salt, they will wake up better and realize that they are leaving themselves with confidence and feeling that they have to take matters into their own hands.

What must be done here. Impeach Joe Biden. GOP conventions must be accompanied by clauses of impeachment. Spend as much money as you can to put pressure on moderate dams who know they will lose their seats if they don’t vote in impeachment.

For Republicans who turn a blind eye and say it can’t be done, that right attitude is all wrong with our conference and your voters hate it.

I saw a 10 taka vote to impeach Trump and an 11 taka vote to Dames to get me off the committee. Because of that treacherous vote we failed to achieve our goal. Make fun of me and get angry at me for what you want, but it fails in business as usual. Even our enemies know that.

We may lose just a few votes, but Biden has burned many of his own voters and his party. We start with biden and go down the list. They are all responsible and all are reprehensible.

Republicans must take action or face the devastating reality of losing the trust and confidence of Republican voters in ’22, and many are already on the ballot and lack real effort to fix it with the elected rupee.

Ever since I was in Congress, I have legislated exactly the way I speak on TV and in speeches. Should not be a minority or a majority. Whatever it is we should fight. Do what we are going to do and fight whatever.

Even after all that, 13 American soldiers did what Joe Biden did. They obeyed orders and did what they were told to do. Why can’t Republicans do the same heinous thing in Congress even though it looks tough?

What doesn’t work here. GOP conference calls and meetings which are nothing but altar calls for money. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Among the top 20 Republicans the NRCC fights for are 4 Republicans who voted for impeachment of Trump and 6 who voted to remove me from the committee. And 1 did both. They call these moderate Republicans (or indeed some Democrats in disguise) “majority builders.”

While yes as a conference we have to fight hard to win and hold on to tough districts, we shouldn’t promote weak Republicans to the presidency, pass their dirty bills and always highlight them on Fox News.

These weak and moderate Republicans do not reflect our foundations or the values ​​of our party. Why are they diluting the decisions and stopping the fight? So where I started is why I ran for Congress, the Republicans failed to do what they said.

Since I paid off all my conference 175,000, I have every single right to talk about how the money should be spent. It should be spent on selecting Republicans who will act like Republicans and not just act on TV.

Because if you don’t pay attention at all, Joe Biden became a complete dictator yesterday and said out loud that this is just one step.

I have already submitted 4 different articles of impeachment on Joe Biden. I am proud of some of my colleagues who have collaborated and Republican voters across America. But we are waiting for the rest of the conference to do what our voters are shouting for.

I want someone to take back the House in ’22 and take everything in ’24, but I also want my party to save this country from the hands of these old communists who became extremists decades ago to destroy it from within.

I have no confidence in the current leadership to work effectively to stop the Democrats’ unprecedented attacks on our independence and the future of our children because they are not taking any steps to prove it.

The whole base and their voters and donors supported me but they threw me under the bus first.

Prioritizing fundraising, press releases, and public messaging without organizing, communicating, and strategically planning our conferences is truly unbelievable to me to stop a very weak and vulnerable president.

Democrats have indicted Trump for a phone call and a 3-hour riot, and Biden has been indicted for high crime and sedition.

Democrats want to put every Republican head on a plate and have two stupid Republicans on their witch hunt committee to make it happen and we can’t get those 2 traitors out of our own conference!

Yes I am breaking 11th Commandant and believe me I love Ronald Reagan. But I refuse to sit idly by and burn our constitution like a sacrifice to the false god of Marxism and to serve the future of our children on a silver plate to Communist China.

I will continue my promise to put the people above the politicians and fight like hell to save America!

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