Many forms of censorship are integrated into Hunter’s laptops

There has been a lot of news about censorship lately. The mainstream media is reporting on Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine and his efforts to dissuade the Russian people from hearing the truth about what President Biden has called war crimes. provides this definition of a Sensor: “An officer who examines books, dramas, news reports, films, radio and television programs, correspondence, cable villages, etc., for the purpose of suppressing those deemed offensive on moral, political, military or other grounds.” That “official” could be a head of state, like Putin, the head of a news operation, or even an independent reporter. Anyone who chooses to suppress a story or fails to carry out an investigation because it is inconsistent with their worldview can be censored.

Which brings me to the story of the Hunter Biden Laptop “DiscoveryBy New York Times That his laptop and its contents are real after all. The Times and other major and social media not only ignored the story, in some cases the story was considered deceptive and was blocked on several platforms.

I think a more accurate explanation of why the story was censored by these entities is that it was broken by The New York Post, which the mainstream media considers a “conservative” newspaper and, by their standards, unreliable. The line from most repression presses was that the story of the laptop was a Russian “confusion”.

The real disbelievers of misinformation (or no information) are those who have failed to fulfill their journalistic responsibilities and investigate. The fact that the story was not followed during the 2020 presidential campaign raised suspicions, especially among many conservatives, that the suppression of information was intentional. NPR Last year, “an online article corrected that falsely asserted that the documents of the first son Hunter Biden’s laptop had been” disrespected by U.S. intelligence. “The amendment came after the election. NY postFifty-one intelligence officials who signed a public letter claiming that the laptop story was a Russian hoax have so far refused to apologize.

“Fact-checkers” have revealed that what they said was a lie of Donald Trump. The The Washington Post It is estimated that Trump lied or made misleading statements 30,573 times in his four years in office. No such action has been taken by Hunter Biden and his family’s alleged business and nefarious individuals and the mainstream media in their personal relationship with the corrupt government.

Over the years, the successor media has seen itself as the only “legitimate” source of news. In a way, “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around, does it make a sound?” Scenario, if New York Times, The Washington Post, Broadcast and some cable news networks don’t report it, is it still news? Yes, this and the source – whatever NY postUnited Kingdom Daily messageOr talk radio – it doesn’t matter as long as the story is independently verified.

What the New York Times has so far failed to do is neglect the responsibilities of newspaper journalism. If the information had been known before the election, it could have changed the vote in some states where Joe Biden won by a narrow margin.

The Times acknowledged the delay NY post It was right to add the view of many that today’s journalism is largely driven by agendas and not information and should be ignored when information goes against the worldview of journalists and their bosses.

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