Lynn Wood has confirmed that Andrew Whitney was in his plantation after the 2020 election

Lynn Wood confirmed our report on Andrew Whitney overnight from Friday. However, Wood refuted some of our claims while accusing the TGP of being “false.” We offer our feedback below.

After the 2020 election was rigged, most Americans who voted for President Trump were outraged. We knew the election had been stolen. We were relieved when lawyers with good names and records announced their intention to help President Trump overcome a stolen election. We have reported on this group of well-known attorneys who have signed up to help America overcome fraud and even refer to them as the ‘Dream Team’. Lynn Wood was a member of that team.

President Trump’s Dream Team is the largest gathering of attorneys in U.S. history fighting for the nation’s survival

Unfortunately, President Trump has not been able to overcome the rigging of the 2020 election before the swing states begin to certify what we believe are fraudulent results. As a result, Joe Biden was nominated despite a wealth of evidence pointing to election fraud.

According to our own previous statement, Lin Wood welcomed a group of people to his tree plantation after the 2020 election, as we mentioned in the article below. However, Wood never publicly mentioned a person who was invited to his property at the time, we do not know. His name was Andrew Whitney.

Yesterday we published a report by Andrew Whitney, a British operative who was present in Lynn Wood’s garden after the 2020 election. Below is our report.

Huge Exclusive: British operative Andrew Whitney was in the middle of an attempt to steal the audit of the 2020 election

Lynn Wood shared in the Overnight Telegram in response to our article on Andrew Whitney. For some reason, Wood has been forced to respond. The focus of our report is not Whitney Wood. [We’ve inserted our response to Wood’s comments in brackets below.]

Gateway pundit lies.

[There is no evidence of anything in our report being false other than Wood’s statements in Telegram accusing TGP of lying.]

Andrew Whitney was working as my Chief of Staff ???

Are you kidding me ???

[We have information that Whitney was allegedly acting like Wood’s Chief of Staff at that time.]

Andrew asked me to come to Tomtly to meet me to discuss a business venture where he said he was involved with Mike Lindell about an alleged treatment for Kovid, Oleander.

[As we reported on Thursday, Whitney was brought into the White House in August 2020 to discuss his COVID treatment.  The timing of these meetings at Wood’s plantation was months later after the 2020 Election.  The focus of these meetings was the 2020 Election, not COVID or Oleander.]

I agree to meet him.

He stayed in Tomotly for 2 days. He described his business endeavors about Hollander but I was not interested in being part of his venture.

[We have information that Whitney was at Tomotley for a week.]

Andrew was a fascinating man with an incredible knowledge of history.

When Sidney Powell came to Tomotley and informed me that Mike Flynn would be visiting, I was careful to ask my then-security staff to check on Andrew. They informed me that his background had been removed.

[Why did Wood only consider checking out Whitney when he was informed Flynn would be arriving?  Why not before?  Also, there is plenty of information on Whitney still on the Internet, which offsets Wood’s claim that his background appeared to have been erased.]

I told Andrew I had to tell him to leave. He understood and politely left Tomtly.

Since then we’ve exchanged a few friendly text messages.

[Why would Wood mention this?  Why didn’t Wood notify the FBI about his concerns about Whitney?  If an individual has been convinced that a foreign agent is working in his house for a period of time the proper action would be to notify the FBI and cease all future communications with the individual.]

I didn’t really know who Andrew was then and I don’t know who he is now.

The statement that Andrew acted as my “chief of staff” is a blunt lie and a misnomer.

[We have information that Whitney was allegedly acting like Wood’s Chief of Staff at that time.]

In my opinion, The Gateway Pundit publishes targeted propaganda.

[TGP takes great efforts to report the truth.  If we find out anything we publish is not accurate we address as quickly as possible.  This is why TGP is a trusted source for millions worldwide daily.]

If Deep State thinks they are going to set me up lying, they will fail. I know the truth.

And I’m not afraid to say it.


[Our articles on Whitney were not directed at Lin Wood.  Why would he respond in this manner?]

Post Lin Wood confirms that Andrew Whitney was in his plantation after the 2020 election, as TGP reports – our response to Wood’s comments first appeared in The Gateway Pundit.

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