Lying, hyperbole, conjecture, conjecture, fantasy and “a masterpiece of crime

Roger Stone blasted the January 6 committee report as “fiction.”

The January 6 House Committee report, picked up by Nancy Pelosi, came out and needless to say, it is a masterpiece of lies, hyperbole, conjecture, conjecture, fantasy and “guilt by association”.

Of course, crackpots, smear artists and leftist conspiracy theorists on Twitter will make general baseless “criminal by conspiracy” hints based on this false report.

Let me clean it up I have never spoken or contacted Mark Meadows, the former chief of staff at the White House, in my entire life, and I haven’t spoken to Peter Navarro, Trump’s former trade adviser, for more than three years. Even if I talked to them, what I didn’t say would prove nothing!

The report specifically states, “When Roger Stone appeared before the Select Committee to testify and was questioned about the events of January 6, he repeatedly called for his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.”

As I made clear at the time, I did not claim my Fifth Amendment rights not because I did something wrong or because I had no information to hide, but because I had first-hand experience with the House Democrats’ innocence, irrationality, and acceptance. And twists the irrelevant remarks made under oath and their crime of “lying to Congress.” There. Do that.

The committee’s report states that they “want to question Mr. Navarro …” about the connection, involvement and planning of the January 6 event for Mr. Navarro, Roger Stone and others who have refused to testify before the select committee.

I’m too tired to be a clickbite for leftists. Let me clean it up again I had nothing to do with the planning of the January 7 incident, nor was I involved. There is no evidence or witness that would prove otherwise.

Since Trump’s allies aimed to seek a 10-day delay in certifying the results of the Electoral College to more thoroughly investigate irregularities, inconsistencies, and in some cases, direct fraud in the state of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada. Those poor misguided souls who stormed the Capitol on January 6 destroyed any possibility of winning the vote required for this perfectly reasonable and legally-delayed election certification.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, wanted to make a special presentation to the Electoral College to argue against Donald Trump’s election certification, based on existing Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. It was not considered treasonous, treasonous or unfair. The hysteria of Faysco on January 6 proves once again that we have a two-tier justice system.

With this new revelation, I must once again fight to resist these politically motivated hackers who, as we speak, are suing President Trump and me for falsely accusing us of the January 6 riots. You can help me fight this ghost by donating to

Post Roger Stone Blast January 6 Committee Report: Lies, Hyperbol, Guess, Guess, Fantasy and “A Masterpiece Accused by the Association” first appeared in The Gateway Pond.

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