Louisiana Supreme Court rules BLM organizers can be sued by people injured during

On Friday, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that a Baton Rouge police officer would be allowed to sue Dere McCann, the organizer of Black Lives Matter. The police officer, who remained anonymous at the time of writing, was apparently injured when he was hit by an object by violent protesters during an arrest during a riot in 2016. Local reports said that “… the officer, instead of the identified name, claimed in a lawsuit named John Doe that he was seriously injured after protesters began looting ‘a circle K’ for a water bottle,” and that “… police killings. The rioters then started throwing water bottles at the officers who were arresting their friends. According to the lawsuit, the incidents escalated sharply from ordinary water bottles, according to the lawsuit. While throwing the police, a member of Defendant Black Lives Matter picked up a piece of concrete or similar stone. The case further alleges that the plaintiff fell to the ground, lost some of his teeth and suffered jaw and brain injuries as a result of the incident. McCason has been named as the main culprit.

Post-Louisiana Supreme Court ruling BLM organizers may be sued by people injured during riots

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