Loudoun County teachers say administrators have ignored “inappropriate” allegations

(Loudown County, Va.) – Elementary school teacher Ian Pryor took the latest allegations of sexual misconduct and public negligence during a comment session Tuesday night on the far-left Loudoun County School Board. Pryor says he didn’t come to the title but because he knows that “things have to be” on the record “when working with LCPS and you have to make sure no one can say” I didn’t know “. Or “I didn’t read that e-mail,” scandals and cover-ups to plague the district recently.

Although Pryor did not name the school where he said inappropriate touches were happening, or who was responsible for it, he said it had been going on for months and school administrators had failed to resolve the issue. Pryor said he even emailed the Loudoun County School Title 9 office, which was supposed to help protect people in the district from sexual discrimination and abuse, but still did not see the problem, which is happening in a school for young children.

“At an elementary school in Loudoun County, you have teachers who are being inappropriately touched, more than once a day, for the better part of two months,” Ian Pryor of the elementary school said during the board’s public comment session. “Despite e-mailing your Title 9 office, the school administration has not solved this problem. The administration has not solved that problem. So that issue has now become a Title 7 issue, ”Prior continued, referring to federal law governing gender inequality.

The Loudoun County Moms Twitter page posted a video of an earlier statement to the school board on their page, commenting that the district had been “notified” and called their lack of response “unreliable.”

The িপি LCPSO Official The school board has just given notice.

LCPS primary teachers have been inappropriately touched several times a day for several months and no one in the administration has addressed their concerns.

Incredible. pic.twitter.com/D5qyM1HnFX

– Louddown Countimoms (LouddownMoms) March 23, 2022

As previously reported national file, Loudoun County public schools have been embroiled in controversy for the better part of two years. The school district has forced critical race theory on children and arrested their parents for speaking out, even some school board members and even members of a Facebook group dedicated to docking and destroying parents who oppose their pro-CRT agenda.

Loudoun County Public Schools was the first in Virginia to enact radical, “trans-farming” bathrooms and pronoun policies in line with the Virginia Values ​​Act and other Democrat laws, leading to a series of rapes of Loudoun County schoolgirls by “sex liquids.” Men who wear a skirt and girls use the restroom. District officials, including Superintendent Scott Ziegler, were engaged in a documented rape cover-up to protect themselves and their leftist policies, prompting Governor Yankein to direct an investigation by the Virginia Attorney General on his first day in office.

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