Lieutenant Governor Janice McGachin wants Idaho to be a ‘trend-setting’ red state –

Incumbent Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGachin is running for incumbent governor and fellow Republican Brad Little. Idaho, a state where Donald Trump received nearly 64% of the vote, is now more of a “purple state” led by Little, McGechin said. Through a combination of effective use of executive power and working directly with voters, McGechin hopes to consolidate Idaho as a “ruby red state.”

In Idaho, the offices of governor and lieutenant governor are elected separately. When the governor is out of state, all the duties and responsibilities of the office fall on the lieutenant governor.

When Little left Idaho to attend the Republican Governors Association conference in May 2021, McGuinness issued an executive order prohibiting the imposition of a statewide mask mandate. “Today, as Acting Governor of the State of Idaho, I have signed an executive order protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals and businesses, banning the imposition of a mask mandate on our state and its political subdivisions – including public schools,” McGachin wrote in a tweet at the time.

The order, issued without Little’s knowledge, was withdrawn upon his return to the state. Little called the move an “irresponsible, self-serving political stunt.”

Despite Little’s objections, the move against the mandate has been fairly well-aged, the data show. At the time, only Florida Gov. Ron Desantis had imposed a statewide ban on the mask mandate. Although some states have never issued statewide orders, Desantis took additional steps to prevent municipalities from issuing their own.

By October 2021, Florida was experiencing some of the lowest case rates in the country. Most notably, the state was recording national lows while others, such as New York, have worsened despite the country’s toughest epidemic restrictions.

Lt. Governor McGechin believes Idaho should lead the red states, including Florida, and points to his “out of the box” thinking last May as proof of his ability to lead the state in that direction. “Idaho is a ruby ​​red conservative state in terms of people, but with weak Republican leadership we are becoming a more purple state,” McGachin told the National File. “Why isn’t Idaho showing Florida how to lead? There’s no reason we shouldn’t have a trend-setting red state.”

Idaho is the fastest growing state in the country, with a population growth of 2.12% from 2019, according to the 2020 census. McGachin wants Idaho, like Florida, to be an attractive destination for conservative Americans fleeing the Nile. “When I travel the state, I see that these people are the most involved,” McGachin said of the new arrival in Idaho. “I’ve told a lot of people, ‘I came to Idaho because it’s a conservative state,’ and they’re shocked to learn that the same principles are taking root here,” he continued. “Their eyes are open to what they have escaped.”

McGechin does not believe that Governor Little Idaho rules the rapidly growing “Ruby Red” voters according to their needs and desires. “He believes in masks and orders. He did not take a hard line on conservative policy, “he said of Governor Little.

Last November, Lieutenant Governor McGechin received approval from former President Trump. “Janice will fight for the integrity of the election, the great, always strong frontier, our cherished Second Amendment, American production, school choice, and our great American peasants!” At the time, Trump wrote in a statement.


President Donald J. Trump has announced the approval of Janice McGuinness for governor of Idaho

– Liz Harrington (alrealLizUSA) November 9, 2021

McGuinness believes that Idaho’s economic and trend-setting potential can only be reached if the issues of electoral integrity are fully resolved. “I support a full forensic audit of all our elections,” McGachin told the National File. “The people of Idaho want to feel that their vote is important and that their leaders are representing who they voted for.”

Idaho’s primary election will be held on Tuesday, May 17.

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