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Lebanon, India. – From missing to murder. In Lebanon, a married couple had a violent fight that ended when the husband confessed to killing his wife.

Boone County Police, with the help of Indiana State Police, began investigating the disappearance of Elizabeth Wilhoit when she received word of her disappearance on Friday, March 25th. A woman called the police to report that Elizabeth did not show up to work, saying something was out of Elizabeth’s character. But Caller had another concern – Elizabeth and her husband, Andrew Wilheight, were not doing well.

Elizabeth Willhoyet recently filed for divorce when she learned that Andrew had an affair, which Andrew himself later confirmed during a police interview.

When police spoke to Andrew, he said he and Elizabeth fell into another verbal argument on Thursday night, March 24th. She said Elizabeth scratched her neck at one point, but it didn’t go away, and she went to sleep on the sofa. The next morning, Andrew claims he is gone, although his car and phone are still at home.

Andrew first told police that Elizabeth might have an argument with his sister, which he did earlier.

Police conducted an investigation, including a search of Andrew’s home, with Andrew’s consent. Police gather evidence and eventually ask Andrew to attend an interview with officers.

That’s where things change.

After a brief interview, Andrew wanted a lawyer. After a while, Andrew was ready to tell investigators what actually happened.

Andrew says he and Elizabeth got into another argument on Thursday night, March 24th. It was alienation and divorce. At one point, Elizabeth claims to have left Andrew, but instead grabs Elizabeth and throws her out the door. He says he came back and charged later. He said that when he picked up a cement, gallon-sized dirt flower pot, he smashed it over his head.

Andrew then described in detail how he picked up his body, put it in his truck, and took it to a nearby creek. There he dumped the body, which was found Saturday morning.

Elizabeth Willhoyet was killed by a blunt ball to the head. Andrew Willhoyet has been charged with murder.

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