Lawmakers have called for a full investigation into the Big Tech conspiracy.

“So, let’s get back to the name-calling,” journalist Leslie Stahl said in an interview with then-President Donald Trump, one of the most consequential surprises in the history of the presidential election in October, the story after the Hunter Biden laptop was discarded.

The New York Post’s October 2020 bombshell story, which reveals a presidential candidate’s planned business deal specifically established to enrich his family with a CCP-approved company, refers to the candidate himself, as “The Big Guy.” 10 percent share of future profits, Joe Biden’s campaign should have been derailed. The emails published in this game-changing report provide a road-map of the Biden family’s long history of influence.

But we quickly learned that a scandal is only a scandal if Big Tech, the legacy media and a group of former intelligence community leaders say it.

Trump: “What can’t be verified?”

Stahl: “Laptop!”

Trump: “Why are you saying that?”

Stahl: “Because it can’t be verified.”

– Greg Price (reg greg_price11) March 17, 2022

The New York Post reports that, far from denying that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden, or that it had been hacked, the Biden campaign said it had nothing in its “official schedule” regarding the 2015 meeting with the Ukrainian power executive.

The collaboration that began between Big Tech, the legacy media, and the founding elders of the intelligence community who invested heavily in Biden’s victory, can only be described as a conspiracy to discredit and / or suppress the story.

Twitter and Facebook led the campaign to identify the report as Russian misleading. Big Tech has publicly censored the article on their platform “to limit the spread of potentially false information” and even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has admitted to lawmakers that he has no evidence to disprove the story.

“We don’t”: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admits he has no evidence that the New York Post’s biden story is misleading.

– Steve Guest (SteveGuest) October 28, 2020

Facebook was all along.

This is part of our standard process to reduce the spread of misinformation. We have temporarily reduced the distribution pending fact-check review.

– Andy Stone (endimstone) October 14, 2020

Further “evidence” provided that the article was nothing more than a “smear” from a media outlet that publicly supported Trump’s re-election, with more than 50 intelligence community officials signing a letter questioning the veracity of the report. The first four signatories included James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence, and Mike Hayden, former director of the CIA, Leon Panetta, and John Brennan, all of whom had a deep hatred for Trump.

Originally, the letter said that the Russians were trying to influence the US presidential election, just as they did in 2016. “The emails are allegedly from Hunter, the son of Vice President Biden,” they wrote. [had] All the classic symbols of Russian information operations. “

The letter said it did not know if the emails were genuine, but “our experience strongly suspects that the Russian government has played a significant role in this.”

Hunter Biden’s story told by Russian Disinfo, dozens of former Intel executives

– Jane Saki (jrpsaki) October 20, 2020

In the video below, Biden tells Trump in a final debate that the story is a “Russian plant” and points to a letter from “50 former national security men” as legitimacy.

On Thursday, seventeen months after the news broke, the New York Times quietly acknowledged that the laptop and the emails in it were genuine. The admission comes in the 24th paragraph of an article entitled, “Hunter Biden Paid Tax Bill, But Broad Federal Investigation Continues,” giving no clue to the grand canyon-sized truth they are finally acknowledging.

The paragraph reads:

People familiar with the investigation say prosecutors examined emails about Mr. Biden, Mr. Archer and others about Burisma and other foreign business activities. The emails came from a cache of files obtained by The New York Times that appeared to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden at a Delaware repair shop. Emails and others in the cache were known to them and verified through investigation.

In addition, the highlighted text (their) link to an October 2020 article, updated in September 2021, where the Times denounced the laptop story as “a bid to damage Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign.”

The New York Times, whose content reflects the views of a large section of Americans, covers the truth about a corrupt presidential candidate to ensure his victory. And now, 17 months later, the leader they helped elect has done indescribable damage to the country and the world, they do not want a flexible confession and apology.

California Republican Darrell Isa sees skepticism about the collusion between Big Tech, the legacy media, and the Democrat industrial complex, and even sees this story as a genuine electoral intervention, as many of us do. And he called on Congress to launch an investigation.

Tonight, I call for a congressional inquiry into how the big technology, mainstream media, and Democrat industrial complex Hunter Biden came together to crack down on scandals – and in the last days of the 2020 election.

– Representative Darrell Isa (repdarrellissa) March 18, 2022

Clearly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will stick a needle in his eye rather than open an investigation, but the chances of Republicans taking control of Congress in January are great and could be the first order of their business.

Below, Conservatives respond to this news:

Excellent @ Now But holding @ Canvogel You missed something important. You wrote: “It’s not clear if Burisma’s executive attended the dinner.” This email from Vadim Pozarsky thanked Hunter 2 days after dinner nypost Home Page Denied by Biden Campaign

– Miranda Divine (MirandaDivine) March 17, 2022

18 months after the election, Dr. timesnytimes Accidentally admits that Hunter Biden’s laptops / emails are legitimate. The nypost This is important when it has been stigmatized and suspended to report the truth.

And the media still defends the obvious corruption because they are shameless, relentless preachers

– Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) March 17, 2022

Anyone with a brain will see that Deep State has worked closely with Big Tech and Establishment Media to cover up Hunter’s laptop scandal and protect the jockeys in the election race.

These people are propagandists with zero credibility and should not believe in anything.

– Donald Trump Jr. (DonaldJTrumpJr) March 17, 2022

Let’s list 50 Intel experts … who knew they were lying !!

– Brian Kilmede (@ Kilmede) March 17, 2022

The New York Times tried to fill a huge, consequential paragraph in paragraph 24 of a semi-related article for a reason. It was a deliberate editorial decision.

This will clearly enable them to quote this article ‘Look, we reported that the emails were real.’

But there may be a bigger purpose. I question the time. Why now? While this is a pure guess on my part, I have to wonder if they are trying to move forward with new developments in the DOJ’s case against Hunter Biden.

Another shoe drop around?


This article was originally published in the Western Journal.

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