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A prominent labor union has paid সুপার 100,000 to a super PAC run by a former Barney Sanders publicity adviser who has been convicted of defrauding another union.

The Nuestro PAC was donated by the United Association of Journman and Plumbing and Pipetting Industry Trainees on February 16, according to records from the Federal Election Commission. PAC founder, Chuck Rocha, pleaded guilty in 2013 to embezzling funds from United Steelworkers, where he served as a political director. He was sentenced to 24 months in prison and barred from working as a trade union official or agent for 13 years.

Rocher’s misdeeds have put him in trouble in the progressive circles. During the 2016 Democratic primary, some progressives expressed concern that the theft of Rocha from United Steelworkers clashed with Sanders’ fight against political establishment in Washington. Jeff Weber, Sanders’ campaign manager, maintained a relationship with Rocher at the time, saying the political operative was “a dedicated man committed to fighting for the working people and people of color in this country.”

Rocha formed the Nuestro PAC in 2020 with millions of dollars in funding from a super PAC started by Sanders campaign veterans. Sanders’ campaign has provided an additional 12 million to the Rocher Solidarity strategy since 2015, Washington Free Beacon The report is backed by Nuestro PAC Jessica Cisneros, a progressive Democrat in the Republican race against Henry Queller (D., Texas), a moderate Democrat in the primary. PAC 2024 has also launched a campaign to draft a resolution to challenge Sen. Kirsten Cinema (D., Ariz.) In the Senate primary.

Both the United Association and the United Steelworkers are partners of the AFL-CIO. Nuestro PAC paid about $ 67,000 last year to Rocha’s consulting firm, Solidarity Strategies, according to FEC records.

Nuestro PAC last month paid রু 6,344 to the pro-Gallego draft committee Run Ruben Run. The United Association, which claims to represent 355,000 members, contributed $ 25,000 to Gallego’s campaign from 2016 to 2019. Nuestro PAC last month paid $ 10,000 to Progressive Justice Democrats PAC and another, 10,482 to Elias Law Group, a law firm owned by law enforcement. Electoral lawyer Mark Elias.

The United Association’s $ 100,000 contribution to the Nuestro PAC shows the trade union’s largest political contribution in the current election cycle, the record of campaign money. It has contributed several thousand dollars over the years to Democratic committees such as the DNC, Priority USA and the House Majority PC.

Rocha was accused of using funds from United Steelworkers to pay for Stanley Cup playoff tickets in 2013 and golf trips in 2008 and 2009. As political director of United Steelworkers, Rocha is reported to have managed a $ 30 million budget for the union’s political campaign.

Neither the United Association nor Nuestro PAC responded to requests for comment.

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