Kyrie Irving plans to help unemployed unwaxed workers in NYC

Brooklyn Nets point guard Kiri Irving will finally be able to play in the home games when NYC Mayor Eric Adams gave a waiver from the city mandate that barred unwanted athletes and performers from working in the city (the city had previously banned anyone from working without the vaccine).

However, Irving’s involvement in the issue did not end there as his situation changed for the better.

More than 1,000 employees at NYC lost their jobs because they chose not to get vaccinated, a fact that has not been lost in Irving. Now that he has reaped the benefits of his faith, Irving wants the rest of the vaccinated in New York to start demanding that mandate be lifted.

“I’ve been saying this from the beginning, it was never just about me, and no special benefits or discounts,” Irving said. “I think there are a lot of people who are working on the real consequences of not getting vaccinated. And I don’t think that’s enough talk in terms of the staff we need and the people on the frontline, and it’s just a whole community of us who really want to stand together. “

But Irving is not only interested in giving a flurry of pep talk demands for change (nowadays, they are worth a dozen). Superstar said he would take steps to help union workers financially who lost their jobs as a result of the order.

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Maybe with a more peaceful call for change and a little help from people like Irving, New York will feel completely normal and a meaningless mandate will be lifted.

Irving’s full-time availability for the net comes at a critical time. The Nets currently sit in eight places in the Eastern Conference and with seven games remaining in the regular season, Brooklyn will need all hands on deck to try to improve their play-off seeding.

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