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Kyle Reitenhaus released a short video yesterday in a tweet mocking Biden’s high gas prices and LeBron James.

Kyle Rittenhaus was ridiculed by both Joe Biden and LeBron James after he was arrested and charged with killing two people in Wisconsin.

Before the trial, Biden indicated that young Kyle Reitenhaus was a white supremacist. At that time there was absolutely no evidence for this. Rittenhaus acted in self-defense during the attack by multiple individuals and was not later convicted. Biden used it as a political tool to lead the 2020 presidential election.

Watch: Kyle Reitenhaus’s mother joins Hannity for an exclusive interview – says Biden and others have “defamed” her son: “Joe did it for the vote” – (Video)

NBA star LeBron James joked about Rittenhouse during his trial. At one point, the young Rittenhaus broke down and began to cry as he described his arrest. James and others have accused him of acting and not really crying.

The Daily Caller reported that Reitenhaus responded to James’ tweet in a podcast following his trial.

“Before he said that, I was a fan of the Lakers, too,” Rittenhaus said.

Rittenhaus announced in February that it wanted to sue James, media outlets and politicians for publicly “defaming” him. He recently launched the Media Accountability Project to raise funds and take legal action against media organizations that defame and report false information about him and others.

In a video released Friday, Reitenhaus ridiculed LeBron James and Joe Biden.

No, it’s not Lemon Heads. It’s a burning hole in my pocket, thanks to a Joe Biden presidency.

– Kyle Rittenhouse (hisThisIsKyleR) March 18, 2022

The post Kyle Reitenhaus first appeared on The Gateway Pundit, mocking Joe Biden and LeBron James in a short video.

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