Kid Rock leads the crowd with Tucker Carlson in the song ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Fox News star Tucker Carlson was chatting with Kid Rock at Nashville’s music legend’s Big Ass Hunky Tonk restaurant on Saturday night, and the crowd roared, chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” to commemorate the evening.

Kid Rock and Tucker were having a cold drink on the porch and having a good time when Kid Rock got up to Mike for a spell and announced to the crowd that Tucker was in the room.

The crowd gave a huge round of applause to the crowd before the USA gave the slogan, which helped musician Let’s Go Brandon lead the crowd with the slogan. “Then we’re not going to do anything, ‘Let’s go, Brandon, okay?” Kid Rock said during the song “USA”. The crowd responded with slogans, “Let’s go, Brandon.”

According to TMZ:

“Eyewitnesses even say that at one point Kid woke up to Mike and announced that Money was at home, where the audience roared and shouted” USA. “There was another type of chanting, BTW.

“Kid finally helped start a” Let’s Go Brandon “war cry, which you know is not a hidden code for” F *** Joe Biden “- which has become a go-to slogan for conservatives.”

Takar Carlson interviewed Kid Rock. In the interview, he said Says: “You see now if you watch an interview with Joe Biden and you watch an interview with Trump, you’re just like that, there’s no comparison. Trump, yeah, he speaks off the cuff, I understand how it is, sometimes you do it wrong.

“You know that, and others. But I really want to hear that someone came from here (he was pointing to his heart).

“And this fictional, almost every politician makes a mistake at once rather than seeing that everything was scripted until he came to some level.

“I mean, I stood beside him in the White House, and right next to him, I saw the ready notes and read him like a sentence, and then, let’s go and you were like, ‘That’s great.’

Carlson laughed and Kid Rock added:

“So I liked him from the beginning.”

Carlson asked Kid Rock about canceling the culture. “Why weren’t you fired?” You’re the one who’s not allowed to say what people think. “

“I’m voidable,” Kid Rock said.

Carlson asked, “Why?”

Kid Rock says:

“Because I don’t give AF * ck and at the end of the day I’m not in bed with any big corporate thing, there’s no one I see, no record company, nothing.

“You can’t dismiss me. I like it if they try.”

Kid Rock says his upcoming tour could be his last big tour. He said:

“At 51, jumping and walking on stage is not going to be easy. But I’m really putting myself together, I’m mentally, physically ready, working every day, trying to eat healthy, because I just want to be top notch.

“I want to be at the top of my list for this tour, because I don’t really know for the foreseeable future if we’re going to have a big tour again.

“But to stay in tip-top shape, still what I tell my prime’s tail end, I want to make it bigger, and if it’s finished, I want to do it right.”

Monday. 8pm ET. Fox News.

– Tucker Carlson (@ Tucker Carlson) March 20, 2022

Legendary Kid Rock rarely sits down with money for one interview after another. And there is nothing outside the table. You can watch part of the interesting discussion Monday at 8pm ET on Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

– Tucker Carlson (@ Tucker Carlson) March 19, 2022

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