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Hammer and Nigel Hot Tip: 911 for “emergency only”.

“Emergency?” What qualifies as?

Emergency vs. Non-Emergency Situations are something that is obvious to your average adult with 1st-grade education. Sadly, there are more than one person in our society who needs brilliant examples and explanations of stupid exceptions.

When do you call 911?

“There’s a fire.”
“No one is out and breathing.
“Someone has been shot, stabbed or otherwise injured which requires immediate medical intervention.”
“A crime is going on.”
“I just saw a serious car accident.”

When Shouldn’t Would you call 911?

“I saw a man walking by himself and he was not wearing a mask.”
“My dog ​​was licking my legs and now I can’t get his penis inside his stuff.”
“I have the Trump flag in my neighbor’s yard.”
“I was deceived by a man at Walmart and I want to sue. Send the police. “
“My sister refuses to share her food at the movie theater.”
“The line at KFC is too long.”
“I want to see fire trucks and ambulances with lights and sirens.”
“Which is the best place to get a bacon sandwich at 4am?”
“Should I have a lamp for my bedroom?”
“I lost to my sister in the ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ game.”
“There’s a turtle on my porch and I don’t know what to do.”
“I can’t find my phone charger.”
“A family member is in the hospital and I need a ride.”
“A business has blocked me at Yelp and I can’t leave a bad review.”
“My neighbor Chihuahuas are having sex and it’s ruining me.”
“How much back-up traffic on the bridge? I have diarrhea. “
“The wind blew my lawn chair.”
“Joe Biden has stolen the election.”

Please note: All of the above examples are actual calls made to 911.

Here’s another reason not to 911: “KFC made me smaller in my chicken order!”

“It’s not a matter of the police.” গ Peggy Galek There are more incredible calls. Https://t.co/FEcFB5RuV0

– fox8news (@ fox8news) March 23, 2022

Absolutely ridiculous. Now if it’s in Chick-fil-A.

Enjoy all the fun in this story by turning it into a family story of starvation due to lack of chicken breasts.

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