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Indianapolis (will) – More than 24 hours after the Husqvarna lottery acknowledged “a problem” with an instant-win game starting on Sunday, the state agency shared with the public what it was doing about the problem.

“We are having a problem with the $ 20 Golden Jackpot fast play game. If you have purchased this ticket, please retain your ticket. We will share more information at if found, ”said a social media post sent around 2.30pm on Sunday.

One person who posted the tweet said, “Is there anything wrong with the new $ 20 fast play game? Everyone matched the 3 numbers and won $ 5000 but when they scanned the ticket they said there was no winner. “

That’s exactly what the Hosiery Lottery said in a news release on Monday at 5:15 p.m. “On the morning of the launch, players began contacting the Player Hotline (1-800-955-6886) indicating that they had purchased a $ 20 Golden Jackpot Fast Play Ticket which they believed to be the winner, but scanned the tickets as the winner when the player tried. Not done. To verify the prize. The callers generally stated that they matched all 3 numbers in a game described in the ‘How to Win’ section of the ticket and so they believed that their ticket should be the winner.

Ticket sales ceased on Sunday afternoon after 632 tickets were sold out, and buyers were “perceiving a winning ticket that could not be verified as a winning ticket through the mobile app or at retail.”

Hoosier Lottery says it is working with its seller to find out what went wrong. Players were asked to retain their tickets until further notice. “We’re committed to making a process for players affected by the Fast Play $ 20 Golden Jackpot ticket issue,” the release said. “The Hoosier Lottery strives to provide a fun and entertaining experience for our players. We are working with our gaming system providers to determine the cause of the problem and to resolve the situation as soon as possible. “

Hoosier Lottery wants to start selling online games and tickets Governor Eric Holcomb pointed out the lottery players’ interest in online options and how they can increase lottery revenue. State lottery officials are discussing the possibility of joining other states in selling lottery tickets and offering other games online from 2019.

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